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Rome Snowboards are built using the most advanced manufacturing techniques and only the finest materials. We provide a 2-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects from the original date purchased from an Authorized Rome Snowboards Dealer. For snowboards registered within three months after purchase, an additional year of warranty applies.


If you have a warranty issue please check the list below:

Usually accepted for snowboard warranty

- Delamination.
- Problems with Inserts.
- Cracked topsheet (if the woodcore is not broken).
- Split edge from sidewall (if there is no obvious impact on the edge).

Probably declined for snowboard warranty

- Any damage on the base due to impact.
- Broken edges due to impact.
- A completely broken board.
- Screws pushed through the base (use of inserts screws that are too long, or used without a washer).

Warranty for other products

- Accepted for warranty: any damage resulting from manufacturing defects (e.g. loose stitches or manufacturing stains in apparel)
- Not accepted: any damages resulting from wear and tear, abuse, or neglect.