Where’s home for you?

Oslo, Norway is where I keep all my stuff.

What’s your daily driver set-up?

MOD Stale 156 board, Targa bindings and Guide SRT boot. Some fresh Oakley outerwear, googles and a weird looking hat.

What’s the craziest place snowboarding has ever brought you?

Everywhere. The fact that snowboarding is actually my job is the craziest I guess! I fkn love it. Thank you Snowboarding!

One life hack, GO:

Prepare the coffee the night before.

Best road trip you’ve ever been on?

RV Trip in NZ with the Burn team back in the days. NZ is a sick country.

Tell us one thing that no one would know about you?


One unexpected thing you don’t leave home without?

Photo of Pink Man.

If you started a cult, what would the main theme be?

Picking up Trash. Make Trash art. Keep it clean.

Describe snowboarding in one sentence:

Snowboarding is sick AF.

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