Where’s home for you?

Heber City, Utah.

What’s your daily driver set-up?

Buckshot 55 X D.O.D. LRG/XL Bindings X 10.5 Libertine SRT boots.

What’s the craziest place snowboarding has ever brought you?


One life hack, GO:

Always Crows Nest public restrooms, add a birds next if you’re worried about the splash.

Best road trip you’ve ever been on?

They all win. Road Trips never fail.

Tell us one thing that no one would know about you?

Well I would but then everyone would know.

One unexpected thing you don’t leave home without?

Extra shoe lace

If you started a cult, what would the main theme be?

DIY skate spots

Describe snowboarding in one sentence:

Life Hack.

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