Where’s home for you?

Home is where the fart is. But I mostly fart in Heggedal, 30 minutes outside of Oslo, Norway.

What’s your daily driver set-up?

No matter the board, always wax, no flour, it’s a little bit slower but faster then nothing and 100% better for the environment. But the gangplank 155 is usually waxed up and ready to go. Lace up some sweet libertines, no boa please, nice and loose but tight lacing is what’s up. Then its all Do Or Die from there. Or if I’m feeling even looser I hit ‘em with a Crux straight in the face.

What’s the craziest place snowboarding has ever brought you?

Russia, vodka and cereal for breakfast. Chile is pretty far of too, you’ll end up some weird place when you try to Find Snowboarding for 12 months ;)

One life hack, GO:

Sharpen your knife underneath old plates. Who wants to be dull anyways?

Best road trip you’ve ever been on?

We did a road trip in New Zealand with 3 RVs and all the boys. Good times all around. Snowboarding, skating, surfing, hunting, jet boating, chilling, all the cool stuff that ends with ing.

Tell us one thing that no one would know about you?

At night I go out with a cape and a mask.

One unexpected thing you don’t leave home without?

An extra shoelace

If you started a cult, what would the main theme be?


Describe snowboarding in one sentence:

Snowboarding is like a box of animals, you newer know when that scorpion is gonna bite you.

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