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Thomas Delfino

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What do you ride?

Whiteroom 162, Mountain Division 159, Blur 159, Mod 156 Katana, D.O.D. bindings.

What’s your first memory of snowboarding?

I remember my first day snowboarding, I think I was around 6 years old and I’ve been watching my older cousins riding the resort while I was following my parents on skis. At the end of the day, my uncle brought me a small Crazy Banana mini max, and I took the last chair with my mom to try my first snowboard turns. I was stoked. And I remember that when I arrived at the bottom of the slope, my cousins were sending some 360 on a jump they built next to the parking lot. I knew that it was what I wanted to do! And I still got this Crazy Banana hanging on my wall.

Who is your all-time favorite snowboarder?

Man it’s a hard one. There are so many guys with mad skills and the right spirit since the beginning of snowboarding. But I have to say that recently I’ve been revisiting my classics, and especially the beginning of the Alaskan madness. And I’m seriously mind blown by Johan Olofson. The commitment and the style of the lines he is riding are really sick

Favorite sensation in snowboarding?

Nothing beats the feeling of standing on the top of a mountain full of powder. And it’s even better when you are surrounded by your friends and sharing the stokeness. Ready to drop!

You just won the lottery, what would you do first?

Buy a land and plant thousands of trees. I know that even if I don’t win the lottery, I will do it one day. But this extra help could activate the project a little bit. I love to cultivate my own garden, even if, for know, it’s only on a small scale. Being able to eat your own food, with which you were talking to make it grows in the best conditions is quite special. So the aim would be to have as many trees as I can and build an edible forest, which would allow me and my family to eat all year round on it. Apples, apricots, peaches, cherries, grapes but berries as well and even potatoes and tomatoes could grow in a forest.

What’s the off season like for you?

Surfing, skating, climbing, biking, can I say outdooring? Besides all the sports I’m practicing to keep my body in shape for the season, I also help my brother in law who is a carpenter. And I also work as a mountain leader, guiding people in the mountain and telling them some stories about the nature.

Describe your ideal day boarding

It actually start the day before, when it’s puking snow outside, and that the forecast says that it’s gonna be a perfect blue bird day in the morning. So I call my best buddies and set up a meeting to be on the first chair in our favourite spot. Then I can go to bed a dream about the powder we gonna spray, and the steep chutes we gonna ride straight. In the morning there is so much snow, and we are ready. We spend the morning riding like hell, spraying each other, jumping everywhere, until our legs are burning so much that we need to take a break. So we go to a local restaurant to eat a big fondue of the best French cheese, and then we are ready to do it again, for the whole afternoon. When we get back home we are so tired that our girlfriends have to cook for us. And we can go to bed to make more dreams about the best feelings in the world.


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