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Thomas Delfino


Powder Division

Guide SRT

What first attracted you to snowboarding?

I think I could write pages on this subject. But briefly, snowboarding is a way of living. Since I’m a kid, I always wanted to become a professional snowboarder. I was watching video tapes all the time, and asking my mom when will it be snowing when we were down at the beach, building Half pipe with sand. I think it’s the flow which attracted me first. When you look at a snowboarder, there is something special on how he moves with the mountain and the snow. And then the tricks, being able to fly and do tricks in the air is something really cool when you are a kid.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I’m reading a lot of mountaineering books, and I have to tell you that those guys are some real bad ass!!! Guys like Reinhold Messner, Walter Bonatti, Maurice Herzog. They were fully dedicated to the mountains and accomplished some big things. Then if we talk about snowboarding the early Alaskian’s riders are probably my biggest inspiration. Johan Olofsson, Tom Burt, Jonaven Moore, Guys who were sending it.

If you could only do ONE trick for the rest of your life what would it be?

Nothing beats the feeling of a big turn in chest deep powder. But I think that with the climate change and all, I should focus more on a good old frontside 360 on a big jump ;)

What’s your dream trip? Where have you always wanted to go?

Well it might not be the dream for everyone, but I love being deep, I mean deeeep in the mountains. In a really remote place where you can feel all the power which is surrounding you. It would be cold, not really comfortable, you would need to melt snow to drink and cook. But you would be in the heart of the mountains, living at slower pace, riding powder all day.

Highlight of last season?

I organized a big trip in Pakistan, in the Karakoram Mountains. We went for a 150km splitboard tour on some of the biggest glaciers. The Mountains were so huge, and we were so far from the first village. We definitely felt that we were remote, in a special place where only a few people went before us. We had to cross a high-altitude pass which was a big mission because we were pulling sleds and all. And we were lucky enough to be able to climb and ride some unridden peaks, steeps faces with really good snow. After this expedition part, we had the chance to spend some more time exploring the country, meeting people, and experiencing their culture. It was great.

Powder day, sun spring park laps or urban exploration mission?

I’m a mountain man so I’ll go for the powder!

Words of wisdom?

Keep on pursuing your dream.