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Stale Sandbech



Biggest inspiration?


Tell us what is “hot” right now.?

A pizza oven

Favorite People to ride with?

Aleksander Ostreng & Len Jorgensen

If you didn’t snowboard for a living what would you do?

Right now? I would be in school.

We have a zombie apocalypse and the object to your left right now is your weapon. What is it?

A ginger Ninja cat

What do you like to do on the weekends?

Eat candy and Party.

Any New Tattoos?

0 tattoos so far.

What is your favorite holiday?

Summer holiday

Describe a Nutter Butter.


How do you drink your coffee?

Lots of sugar!

Top three songs of the season?
  1. Gangstas – Boyz N Da Hood ft. Easy E
  2. Ambition – Wale ft. Meek Mill & Rick Ross
  3. Mr. Brown – Bob Marley
If you were a piece of pizza would you eat yourself?

If I was hungry than for sure I would grab a little bite but not the whole piece.


  • Nicknames: Becho
  • Years snowboarding: 10
  • Home Mountain: Kirkerudbakken
  • Instagram: @Stale_Sandbech
  • Board: Agent 154
  • Bindings: Targa