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Stale Sandbech


Mod Stale


What first attracted you to snowboarding?

It was a challenge full of adrenalin and there was something new to learn every day. No rules, just send it : )

Who is your biggest inspiration?

In snowboarding Alek would be my biggest inspiration I would say. I think a lot of people would say the same! He is starting to take over the master Yoda title soon I think. Big bro Frode would be the biggest inspo in life I would say, he is the boss.

If you could only do ONE trick for the rest of your life what would it be?

Very standard, but it would be a method.

What’s your dream trip?

Where have you always wanted to go? Would love to go to Baldface with all the RK1 Boyz.

Highlight of last season?

Hmmmm, so many good moments. But bringing GimbalGod around and starting our video projects would be a highlight.

Powder day, sun spring park laps or urban exploration mission?

Powder mornings with park laps in the afternoon ; )

Words of wisdom?

Everything is better with friends.