Stale Sandbech

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At the age of 22 this Norwegian has been setting the bar in global snowboarding long before he earned the silver medal in the 2014 Olympic Games. Ståle is one of the few riders in the world who balances a full season of competitive snowboarding with fun crew edits, full video parts and side projects with the RK1 crew. He and RK1 are rewriting the rules for what can be done on a snowboard. With a staggering list of podiums and personal accolades, Ståle remains humble and driven by a pure love of snowboarding.

Video Parts

The Shred Remains (2012)

12 Months Project (2013)

Nation (2013)

Find Snowboarding (2014)

Snowboarding For Me (2014)

One Jump (2015)


Mod Stale