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Stale Sandbech



  • Name: Stale Sandbech
  • Height: 5’8”
  • Kit: Mod 156, Targa
  • Stance: Goofy
  • Home Mountain: Kirkerudbakken, Norway
  • Current Mountain: Rykkinn, Norway
  • Snowboarding is:
    1. Fun
    2. Free
    3. Amazing



Q & A

How did last season go, any highlights or low points?

Last season was great. I traveled to some amazing place; from filming pow in Japan to riding in the Olympics in Russia. It was my best season so far with how all the contest went and I stayed healthy while snowboarding a whole bunch… I’m having a blast!

Favorite or most memorable trip you have ever been on?

I would have to say my trip to Russia this year for the Olympics. I got on the podium and there was so much that happened before and after.

What’s your version of living the dream?

I would say living on the beach with a sweet surf break with good friends and good parties during the summer. Traveling around the world Snowboarding on rad mountains with sick parks and powder all winter. Then I guess after a while get a nice family and live in neighborhood surrounded by my friends, with mountains and ocean nearby.

Worst bet you’ve ever lost?

I don't think I have really lost any really bad bets. I guess I have to get gnarlier, so I can have something better to write down here.

What snowboarder have you always idolized?

Mikkel Bang

What do you think your spirit animal is?

That would most likely be a monkey.

Snowboarding achievement you are most proud of?

Olympic slopestyle silver; X-games slopestyle and big air bronze; Grand Prix slopestyle 1st place; TTR Overall champion slopestyle and combined; and my part from Transworld’s Nation movie.

Would you rather?

Front board a double kink, backflip a road gap or hike for early season lines?

I can’t decide.

Film a video part, compete in the contest circuit or free ride resorts all season?

That is hard. I like to try and do everything in one season

Get a sketchy leg tat, get your hair cut into a mullet or shave a moustache?


Go cliff jumping, fishing or skateboarding?

Right now, I feel like going skateboarding

Shot-gun a beer, rip a shot of whiskey or sip champagne?

Shot of whiskey

Throw a nasty euro carve on fresh corduroy, unleash a “Perfect” method anytime or drop an untouched pillow line?

Drop an untouched pillow line

Start your own brand, work in the industry or retire to a cabin in the backcountry?

I guess we’ll need to wait and see when that time comes.