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Marie Hucal



Right now, where are you and what are you up to?

I am currently drinking a cup of coffee on my front porch in Grand Rapids mapping out all of the mountains that still have snow and how I will get to them next week.

When did you start snowboarding and how did you get into it?

I rode my first plastic snowboard in my backyard when I was 11, then took it to the ropes with my two sisters and friends. It was an awesome first run and that’s all I remember.

Who is someone that inspires your riding?

Miss Jess Kimura

Who are your favorite Rome team members to ride with?

The entire team is one heck of a fun crew!!!

What projects have you been working on this last season.

The 12-Months project.

Explain the gnarliest street spot or jump you have ever hit?

A few years ago I was an American snowboarding in Canada on waterslides of an unfinished amusement park. It was extremely thrilling. We climbed hundreds of stairs, slid through tunnel slides then dropped in on some plastic slopes. The entire time I was frightened of getting the Canadian boot or falling off of a waterslide.

What‘s usually pumping through your stereo on the way to the mountain?

Some days it’s Bone Thugs or other days I like a jazzy guitar from the 40’s.

When you’re not snowboarding what else takes up your time?

Anything from swimming in rivers to singing karaoke, yet I spend a good amount of time camping and hiking in America’s beautiful landscapes.

What are your three favorite video parts of all time?
  1. VG’s Shoot the Moon - Louif Paradis - It’s just THAT good
  2. Think Thank’s Cool Story - Gus Engle
  3. Robot Food’s Lame – Travis Parker
Four Wheeler or Jet Ski?

Ski Doo

Sunglasses or Goggles?


Pizza or Hot Dawgz?


The High Life or Bud Heavy?


Toe-Side or Heel-side slash?


Rome Van or Plane?

Van Life

Camber or Rocker?


Gloves or Mitts?


Bagel or doughnut?

Asiago Bagel


  • Alias (Nicknames): Marie Hucalberry
  • Years on Rome: 5
  • Stance: Regs
  • Current Setup: 146 Lofi Rocker or 146 Heist, Madison Boss, Bastille Boots