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Marie-France Roy

Q & A

How did last season go, any highlights or low points?

Last season was amazing in so many ways. It was the second year of the making of our film The Little Things. It is snowboard movie/documentary featuring the stories of environmentally aware riders who have taken initiatives towards protecting this beautiful Earth which we depend on for snowboarding. It’s been a big learning and rewarding process to be producing the film and its given me more motivation to ride than ever. It’s been a blast!

Favorite or most memorable trip you have ever been on?

There are too many to choose one… But I did really enjoy this one splitboarding trip we did last year at Golden Alpine Holidays. 7 days of spliboarding at the coolest remote cabin in the mountains…. The terrain was insane and I had some of the best runs of my life with Darcy Turenne, Maria Debari, Robin Van Gyn and Phil Tifo. Good times and good shredding.

What’s your version of living the dream?

I truly feel like I am living the dream to be able to snowboard for a living and being surrounded by such supportive sponsors, family and friends. Plus, living in one of the most beautiful, peaceful and pristine place in the World… I consider myself in the top 1% luckiest people in the world for sure.

Worst bet you’ve ever lost?

I’m not much of a gambler… but I have lost a couple Ro-Sham-Bo matches that got me scared shitless to hit certain features!

What snowboarder have you always idolized?

So many… Tara Dakides, Mikey Leblanc, Jeremy Jones, Victoria Jealouse, Andrew Hardingham… the list goes on.

What do you think your spirit animal is?

A shrew? Ha! I still have yet to find what it is… I’ll keep searching in my spiritual quests.

Snowboarding achievement you are most proud of?

Probably my first video part in Any Means and the TWS awards but I think this next movie The Little Things will be much more rewarding since it’s not all about me and It feels like we are giving back to snowboarding on so many different levels.

Would you rather?

Front board a double kink, backflip a road gap or hike for early season lines?

Hike, but I would love to back flip over a road gap one day too! If I get the balls!

Film a video part, compete in the contest circuit or free ride resorts all season?

Freeride and film for sure. Contests can be fun too though.

Get a sketchy leg tat, get your hair cut into a mullet or shave a moustache?

Mullet. I love mullets.

Go cliff jumping, fishing or skateboarding?

Skateboarding or fishing.

Shot-gun a beer, rip a shot of whiskey or sip champagne?


Throw a nasty euro carve on fresh corduroy, unleash a “Perfect” method anytime or drop an untouched pillow line?

I love them all so much…

Start your own brand, work in the industry or retire to a cabin in the backcountry?

Cabin life for sure!


  • Name: Marie-France Roy
  • Height: 5’7”
  • Kit: Lo-Fi Rocker 152, Vinyl 151, Madison Boss, Reign Gloves, Everlast Mitts, Ravine Backpack and Cache Boardbag
  • Stance: Regular
  • Home Mountain: Whistler/Blackcomb, Whistler, BC
  • Current Mountain: Whistler/Blackcomb, Whistler, BC
  • Snowboarding is:
    1. Forever Young
    2. Freedom
    3. Fun with friends