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Laurent-Nicolas Paquin



Right now, where are you and what are you up to?

I'm home with my girlfriend, my dog and my 2 cats. Emilie, my dog, and I just got back from the skatepark.

When did you start snowboarding and how did you get into it?

I started when I was 10 years old. I saw it during a demo thing, tried it and then my dad bought me the whole gear for Christmas the same year.

Who is someone that inspires your riding?

Louif Paradis. He’s the boss, works hard to get is sh*t proper and he's the best snowboarder I know.

Who are your favorite Rome team members to ride with?

Ozzy f*cking rules and he kills it at skateboarding. Riley is the man, funniest fool. Will is super fun to ride with too but pretty much everyone on the team.

What projects have you been working on this last season?

Deja Vu. It's a project with all the dudes from Bandwagon.

Explain the gnarliest street spot or jump you have ever hit?

It would be the gap to boardslide in the teaser we did for Deja Vu. I had six people pulling the bungee across a whole park to get good speed which was mach 100. I did it 7 times and was sure I wasn't going to make it. I thought I was going to die but I got it and just kept riding through the whole park.

What‘s usually pumping through your stereo on the way to the mountain?

Black Sabbath, Speedwolf, Pentagram, Ghost B.C., Kadavar, Earthless, Saint Vitus, Orchid, Serpent Venom…etc

When you’re not snowboarding what else takes up your time?

In the summer it’s skateboarding every day, BBQin’, hanging with my girlfriend and our friends. Or I’m hanging out with my dog, maybe sleeping.

What are your three favorite video parts of all time?
  1. Louif Paradis - Bon Voyage. Or any Louif Part really.
  2. Scotty Wittlake - Brainstorm. It’s just raw as hell.
  3. Darrell Mathes - Love/hate. Amazing tricks, song and editing.
What is your favorite board graphic of all time?

Damn that's a hard one. The Sorry For Partying artifact graphic was pretty funny and cool looking or any Creature skate decks.

Four Wheeler or Jet Ski?

Four Wheeler

Sunglasses or Goggles?


Pizza or Hot Dawgz?

Hot dog pizza

The High Life or Bud Heavy?

Bud Heavy

Toe-Side or Heel-side slash?


Rome Van or Plane?

Van Life

Kickflip or Heelflip?


Camber or Rocker?


Gloves or Mitts?

Mitts these days

Bagel or doughnut?



  • Alias (Nicknames): Laurent, Larry, LNP, Pédé
  • Years on Rome: 7 strong years
  • Stance: Goofy
  • Current Setup: Artifact 147 or shank 145, Libertine Boot, Mob Boss Bindings