Laurent-Nicolas Paquin

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A seminal part of the Rome team with standout parts in our earliest videos like, ‘Any Means’ and ‘No Correct Way’, LNP’s riding has always spoken for itself. His urban-obsessed, skate heavy style has been turning heads ever since his first video parts. With a penchant for Sabbath, skateboarding, partying and tattoos, Laurent’s attitude and riding will always be at the core of Rome’s DNA.

Video Parts

Sugar Shack 2 (2005)

Band Wagon (2006)

Any Means (2007)

No Correct Way (2008)

VideoGrass (2009)

Bon Voyage (2010)

Shoot The Moon (2011)

The Shred Remains (2011)

The Darkside (2012)

Déjà Vu (2013)

Find Snowboarding (2014)

Encore (2015)




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