Laurent-Nicolas Paquin

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A Quebec native, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin cut his teeth and made a name for himself in the frozen streets. With one of the most unique skate influenced styles snowboarding has ever seen, LNP’s trademark approach to riding and laundry list of video parts needs no introduction. With standout parts in Rome’s ‘The Shred Remains”, “No Correct Way”, Find Snowboarding: KAZAKHSTAN, Videograss’ “Bon voyage” and most recently Déjà Vu, LNP has earned his place in urban snowboarding’s history books. His hard-charging style and unique approach to terrain has helped to set him apart.

Video Parts

Sugar Shack 2 (2005)

Band Wagon (2006)

Any Means (2007)

No Correct Way (2008)

VideoGrass (2009)

Bon Voyage (2010)

Shoot The Moon (2011)

The Shred Remains (2011)

The Darkside (2012)

Déjà Vu (2013)

Find Snowboarding (2014)

Encore (2015)




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