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Laurent-Nicolas Paquin

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What do you ride?

Artifact camber 146, Buckshot 147, D.O.D binding (as black as possible), Libertine size 8.5

Who is your all-time favorite snowboarder?

This is the all-time most difficult question. I got too many: Wittlake, Mikey Leblanc, Darrel Mathes, Louif and many more.

Favorite sensation in snowboarding?

When you land on a rail from very high or far and the board flex to the almost point of breaking in a sideway position. Or when you go through a kink boardsliding it. Slash are rad also. Air to fakie and handplants are a blast!

You just won the lottery, what would you do first?

Buy myself a big ass diesel truck, get some stuff done around the house, build myself a sweet DIY skate spot in my backyard. Take the whole family and some friends and go shred in Japan!!! Boom Ramen and Beer all day baby!

What’s the off season like for you?

Skateboarding, building stuff around the house, working at the skateshop, drinking a few cold ones around a fire at night in my backyard or with the boys at the skatepark, playing with my little girl, chilling with my lady....typical Rad Dad Stuff hahah

Describe your ideal day boarding

Warm spring time, the boys, cold ones...Shredding none stop Bear Mountain for sure, fast boardslides and backlips, handplants, non stop air on the hips...after that Mexican Food or BBQ at the crib, Coronas...little skate sesh...few more beers, hit the bar maybe or bonfire!!! Et Voilà!