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Len Roald Jorgensen

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What do you ride?

No matter the board it's the D.O.D which is my favorite guy. Spend most of my time on my own board, Gang Plank 155 Lenny P edition, but I could easily spend some time on Alek's board and I would love to get more familiar with the 159 Mountain Division. I wear the Guide boots or Libertines.

What’s your first memory of snowboarding?

The cool kids at my cabin were boarding. I was skiing as a typical Norwegian Viking. Got to rent a board for the weekend. I was hooked. I mean hooked for real! Since then boarding has been my life.

Who is your all-time favorite snowboarder?

Mikkel Bang! true Viking ;)

Favorite sensation in snowboarding?

Strapping in... haha no there's tons of good feelings! The ever winning flying. The toeside through a circle carve. Board bending fs lip in between the bindings. Landing a new trick, surviving a tomahawk and barely saving a totally fucked landing. Mid air binding squeaking, back aching tweaks and of course floating. Floating through the thin film of freshly fallen snow. Aaahhh I could go on forever. Snowboard sensation without hesitation spreading through this vast nation to stop the altercation between skiing and liberation.

You just won the lottery, what would you do first?

Celebrate with a ice cream. Maybe even a banana split if I feel fancy. Then I would gather as many friends as possible, get a trip going to Japan if it's winter time, summer time send it straight to Indonesia and chill the fuck out.

What’s the off season like for you?

Half of the "off" season I spend at Folgefonna, a glacier in Norway where I truly find my inner Viking. Snowboard everyday, build park and go adventuring. The rest I skate a lot and go camping. Some time at the sea is always a pleasure. And I do a lot of fixing, bikes, cars, shelves, fuck anything that can be fixed I'm down with :)

Describe your ideal day boarding

There's too many ideal boarding scenarios which could go down! A classic in Oslo. Jan/feb hit the street in the morning and go on until the sun goes down. Get some good grub and hit the local park until nighttime :) When it's spring you spend all day on the mountain and have a good BBQ session later If I have to describe what you do on a pow day, I don't think you're on the right page mate ;)


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