Len Roald Jorgensen

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Lenny Powers, SirFrameFace or Len Jorgensen is a man of many names and many talents on a snowboard. The young Viking is one third of RK1 and one of the most entertaining riders to watch no matter the terrain. Filming with Transworld this year Len pushed the boundaries of creative yet ballsy riding all while doing it in his own signature Lenny P way. His signature Gang Plank is pretty strong indicator of his personality, fun at all times!

Video Parts

Two Sides of Life (2010)

Blue Balls (2012)

Scandalnavians (2013)

12 Months Project (2013)

Post Land Connect the Dots (2014)

Find Snowboarding (2014)

Off The Cuff (2015)

Broken Circuit (2015)

RK1 Movie (2015)


Mod Rocker

390 Boss