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Len Roald Jorgensen


Gang Plank Len

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What first attracted you to snowboarding?

The style. My dad took us skiing a lot, and all the cool dudes were snowboarding. I wanted to be cool and snowboard :)

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Everyone and everything. Just absorb ;)

If you could only do ONE trick for the rest of your life what would it be?

Ollie, blast some mutherfucking air yoooo!

What’s your dream trip?

Where have you always wanted to go? Japan man, screw getting a tan. The night powder boarding is what looks the nicest too me. Grew up riding mostly nights so that when the real juice comes and add some nice fluff to that. WOW!

Highlight of last season?

Powder in Austria middle of January. Scored the best I've ever had, Tits deep. Rome demo so I could borrow a powder division and just float.

Powder day, sun spring park laps or urban exploration mission?

Every dog has its day. Luckily I've got some good days this season with everything. Pow days in Austria, spring laps in Laax and Russian expedition.

Words of wisdom?

Shit happens when you party naked.