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Jackie Flanagan


Lo Fi Rocker


I began leafing down ice when I was 15. I come from Cleveland, OH where my home resort is a land fill. We didn't have much. So, in high school, my friends and I would drive around and collect ice rink shavings to hit up spots all over town or simply in our back yards. One time I accidentally snapped the bed off of my parent’s truck because the ice rink snow was too heavy, it was July. Trying to explain that to my parents and tow truck guy was difficult. I also kept a part time job during school just so I could continuously empty my checking account for road trips to MI, PA, NY, or VT. My friends and I would sometimes drive 8 hours only for a day of riding. Defiantly the spontaneous trips, experiences, people I meet, and the memories created are my favorite parts that accompany the snowboarding lifestyle.

By the time I was 19, my goal was to move to Colorado for the soul purpose to snowboard every day. I didn’t have a car so my parents drove me 4 hours to Kalamazoo, MI where I was dropped off to jump in someone else’s vehicle. The kids I drove with, I’ve never met before. They were friends of friends from snowboarding but only through myspace. My parents never knew that. Myspace was my ticket to Colorado. S/O Tom.

I spent 3 years in Colorado working as a night janitor for Keystone Lodge & Spa. Because of that job I was able to ride every single day and work all night. Sometimes, to afford rent, we stuffed about 5 kids in a 1 bunk bed, 1 bath dorm style room. People were sleeping in the closets. It was totally fun but smelly.

After Colorado, I moved back to Ohio to figure out what I wanted to do career wise. Instead, I ended up spending my winters at Seven Springs, PA. A big thanks to Tom Dickey, Ian Macy and the No Names crew; I became the first female to partake in the 7 Deadly Edits series and on their Park Team. The parks at Seven Springs are very inventive, so much fun. The amount of work the park crew puts in with the conditions they’re provided is remarkable.

With a few seasons in at Seven Springs, I noticed I was missing out on big mountain scenery and powder. I committed to the idea of moving to Washington over night. I’ve never been but it seemed to offer everything climate and terrain wise. Only knowing 2 people out there, I took off the day after Christmas and drove straight across the country by myself. I came up on Snoqualmie Pass, WA New Year’s Day 2015. I’ve now rode some of the deepest and steepest pow of my life. The lines out here will push you physically and mentally. But I have yet to scratch the surface of these faces. I encourage friends to come experience the overhead snow depths for themselves. Couches are always open. The PNW defiantly provides and I am here to stay.