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Bjorn Leines

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What do you ride?

Bjorn National 158, Targa bindings, Guide Boots, White Room splitboard, Blur 160

What’s your first memory of snowboarding?

Riding in our backyard in Minnesota. The season before I bought my first board, I used to use a skateboard with shoelace straps, no trucks.

Who is your all-time favorite snowboarder?

Craig Kelly

Favorite sensation in snowboarding?

Living in the moment flying free.

You just won the lottery, what would you do first?

Pay off my stuff…. Haha Then buy a ski resort and turn it into the best shred resort in the world!

What’s the off season like for you?

Always on the GO! Projects, Celtek, Dirtbikes, Pipeline equipment, lake time, Rad dad time, skateboarding, hunting, creating.

Describe your ideal day boarding

2 Feet plus of Pow! It really could be just about anywhere… but if it was in Haines Alaska that would be amazing!!!


National Bjorn