Bjorn Leines

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Bjorn is a true student of the mountains and a global ambassador for all things snowboarding. From his days on the infamous Forum 8 team to starting his own brand to currently cranking video parts and still finding time to ride with his kids, Bjorn is a workhorse. No jump too big, park too cold or spine too steep for this Minnesota raised ripper. Bjorn rides whatever, wherever with style and power.

Video Parts

Three Ring Circus (1996)

Simple Pleasures (1997)

Decade (1998)

Technical Difficulties (1999)

The Resistance (2000)

Luminous Llama (2000)

True Life (2001)

Return of the Wildcats (2001)

Pulse (2002) 

Wildcats 9 Lives (2002)

Video Gangs (2003) 

Positron (2004)  

Love/Hate (2004)

DC Mountain Lab (2005)

Escramble (2006)

DC Mountain Lab 1.5 (2007) 

Any Means (2007)

No Correct Way (2008)

Ready (2008) 

TWS Team Shoot Out (2009)

Get Real (2009) 

Nowhere (2010)

Art of Flight (2011) 

The Shred Remains (2012)

IP2 (2012) 

12 Months Project (2013)

The Chamäleon (2013) 

Nothing To Prove (2014)

Bucket List (2015)

Find Snowboarding (2015)