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Bjorn Leines


National Bjorn

Guide SRT


What first attracted you to snowboarding?

I wanted to be able to Skateboard in the winter! Plus it was like skateboarding only you could do all these tricks that I always wanted to do on my skate.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Nicola Tesla, Bruce Lee, Danny Way, Jesus, Dad.

If you could only do ONE trick for the rest of your life what would it be?


What’s your dream trip? Where have you always wanted to go?

The Tordrillo Mtn range in Alaska. Just looks so playful the way the mtn’s formed up there.

Highlight of last season?

Hanging with the ROME crew up at Red Mtn.

Powder day, sun spring park laps or urban exploration mission?

Versure a Pow day!!!

Words of wisdom?

Listen to your heart and follow your dreams, you can learn how to manifest your destiny. Stay humble and be grateful.