Bjorn Leines

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As OG as they come, Bjorn’s passion for snowboarding is evident in all aspects of his life. From his Minnesota Jib Farm or a winter home base in Utah to the farthest corners of the globe, he is no stranger to massive urban drops, hairy backcountry lines and fear-inducing kickers. The kind of rider who is down to hike early season sub-par snow after a late night and still makes time to call the family after having a beer at the end of the day. With accolades like Transworld’s Overall Rider of the Year and Video Part of The Year, his own glove brand and two feature films under his belt, it’s safe to say Bjorn is a living legend. Arguably one of the hardest working riders in the industry without a doubt; Bjorn is a leader and role model for the snowboard community whether he knows it or not.

Video Parts

Three Ring Circus (1996)

Simple Pleasures (1997)

Decade (1998)

Technical Difficulties (1999)

The Resistance (2000)

Luminous Llama (2000)

True Life (2001)

Return of the Wildcats (2001)

Pulse (2002) 

Wildcats 9 Lives (2002)

Video Gangs (2003) 

Positron (2004)  

Love/Hate (2004)

DC Mountain Lab (2005)

Escramble (2006)

DC Mountain Lab 1.5 (2007) 

Any Means (2007)

No Correct Way (2008)

Ready (2008) 

TWS Team Shoot Out (2009)

Get Real (2009) 

Nowhere (2010)

Art of Flight (2011) 

The Shred Remains (2012)

IP2 (2012) 

12 Months Project (2013)

The Chamäleon (2013) 

Nothing To Prove (2014)

Bucket List (2015)

Find Snowboarding (2015)