Local GNAR

The Local GNAR video competition was birthed from the Syndicate to promote and support local crews who make snowboard videos with their friends. The original locals’ video contest, Local GNAR has continued to showcase the roots of snowboarding through self-produced edits from crews around the world. And every year we publish videos and reward a crew with $1,000 cash and a slew of product. Through the Local GNAR, the evolution of shred cinematography has shown that there is no limit to style, quality, or creativity and Local GNAR has been cultivating this idea for six years strong.

We Make Snowboarding…Local

Local GNAR 2010 Entries

For those of you who have been watching the releases of the Local GNAR entries over the past years, it will come as no surprise that picking a winner for the fourth annual Local GNAR contest, was truly a pain in the ass. Every video was awesome, and stoked us out to go riding, which is what matters most. The debate in-house was hot and heavy and while everyone had different takes on the Top 3, there was one name that consistently ranked high and led us all to agree that Ian Post was the champion, taking home $1000, two Artifact Rockers and two pairs of 390 Boss Bindings.