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Devin Fernandez

Graphic Designer

Gang Plank



Instagram Handle: @devunfern

When and how did you start working at Rome?

2 1/2 years ago. I always wanted to live and ride the mountains of Vermont, so I applied to every job I could and got the best one.

Describe your perfect day of riding

Have a Bloodweiser on first chair. Then you bring a couple more to stash in the woods for later so you can map out all the best side hits with your homies. And make sure to get bucked off your board a bunch because if your not wiping out, your taking it too seriously.

What is your go to set-up?

Gang Plank / D.O.D.'s / Libertine's.

Favorite story from working at Rome?

The day before I started working at Rome was Stowe's closing day. I just drove 13 hours from Ohio and arrived late the night before. Met everyone on hill and mobbed down stock run a bunch. We capped it off with a ceremonious trip to the smoke shack before the last run of the season.

Most important piece of advice you’ve even been given?

Stay Hungry

Activities other than snowboarding?

Ice Hockey / Skateboarding