The Design House

[ Designed By Snowboarding ]

The Design House within Rome is successful when it channels the collective experience and knowledge of snowboarding to create shapes, technologies and features that make riding more fun. The best ideas and the best product innovations are driven by snowboarding.

This approach to product design runs through all product departments at Rome. The importance of customization in bindings, and innovations like PivotMount Technology, are driven by riders needing to fine tune how they transmit power. Different approaches to riding apparel, like the idea of windproof cotton hoodies, are driven by the fact that many riders shred in cold conditions without outerwear. And a diverse approach to camber design, with specific ideas like our Fusion camber, comes from our knowledge that different riders approach the mountain differently.

Design House Process
  • Ride in mornings before work
  • Spend time talking with other riders around the world
  • Tap into the Design House‚Äôs 100+ collective years of snowboarding
  • Create unique product design and prototypes
  • Ride more and listen to other riders
  • Refine concepts
  • Build out a collection that is Designed By Snowboarding
  • Repeat