Wherever you find yourself strapping in, some things are always the same. The tram line up at Jackson, the KT line up at Squaw or the gondola line up at Killington. If you know the vibe of one, you know them all. People rolling up to the corral absurdly early. People connecting with fellow dwellers of the frozen commune. People strapping in 10 minutes before the opening. People waiting.

And in many ways, the potential for shred from the top is the same regardless of where your travels take you. What line to take—which way down? One way opts for big pow turns on open faces followed by deep tree lines. One way takes the most direct route to the park with time taken for every side hit along the way. One way is focused on raw speed, belly scratching toesides and clean arcs. One way heads outside the resort and into the sidecountry zones known only to the locals.

The universal mentality and shared sideways experience that runs through the spots of the world are what push us to create the product that we build. At the end of the day, the best innovations out of Rome are designed by snowboarding. The results of our creative process can be seen throughout the new collection—the response of our new Katana highback, the focus of our new Tram Line board family, the fit and flex features of the new Guide SRT, or the riding focus of our unique windproof cotton hoodies. Snowboarding, and how it lives in places like St. Anton, Nub’s Nob or Revy, is what drives the design process in every product category out of the Design House.

It is a process that creates gear for all corners and moments of this snowboard life. And it is a process that listens to snowboarding to try to make those moments more fun and loaded with more stoke.

These moments of snowboarding are what connect a rider from Tignes, France with a rider from Stowe, Vermont, what connect a rider from Brighton, Utah with a rider from Niseko, Japan. Opening day’s white ribbon of death or closing day’s lingering hang in the parking lot. The float of a mid-winter’s first chair or the progression of a nighttime park session. A multi-hour hike along a backcountry ridge or a backyard feature built after the season’s first 4-inch storm…

..All Ways Down