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Windells Summer Update: Session 1 + 2

It’s hard to believe sessions one and two at Windells are already in the books! Check out some photos from the glacier so far.

Windells is in Session

It’s June again, which means our annual trip out to Windells Camp to get it ready for a summer full of shred. Check out some photos from the trip out there.

12 Months – May – Full Film

The crew took to higher roads in May to find snow and keep the season going, all while camping out and living in an RV traveling through the Austrian Alps. Check out the latest 12 Months full film!

A New Way to Tag Rome on the ‘gram

Whenever you’ve got good Insta-snaps, hit us with a tag with the new Photos of You feature so we can check them out!

Checking in with Marie Hucal

Marie Hucal checking in with a sweet combination camping and shred trip to ride some of the same hills where Snurfing was born out in Michigan. Check it out!

Checking in with Cody Booth

AmArmy shred Cody Booth has been on the move in his new mobile command center in search of pow and good times. Check out his latest photo updates from the road.

12 Months December – Cody Booth

Not only is AmArmy shred Cody Booth skilled on a board, he’s also pretty skilled behind the lens and has an awesome blog he updates pretty often. Here are some of his shots from the December release of 12 Months.

A Year in #Instagram with @stalesandbech

Stale Sandbech is living the dream. Traveling around the world, snowboarding, surfing, having an awesome time, and snapping tons of photos along the way. His Instagram account is a definite follow.

Behind the Lens: NJ Petersen

NJ kills it at Windells each and every summer, getting stuff handled while still finding time to take some awesome photos, not to mention his help with Rome related activities on and off-hill has been invaluable. He was the obvious choice for this latest Behind the Lens interview.

Behind the Shot: The Bum Barrel

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes in order to nail the perfect shot. The team and photographer Darcy Bacha explain what went down in Behind the Shot: The Bum Barrel.