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A New Way to Tag Rome on the ‘gram

Whenever you’ve got good Insta-snaps, hit us with a tag with the new Photos of You feature so we can check them out!

A Year in #Instagram with @stalesandbech

Stale Sandbech is living the dream. Traveling around the world, snowboarding, surfing, having an awesome time, and snapping tons of photos along the way. His Instagram account is a definite follow.

Rusty’s Run: Touring the US of eh?

From the desk of Rusty Ockenden, keep an eye on his journey down the West Coast from Canada to Encinitas, CA for the premier of the People Films new release “Pretty Wise.”

A Year in #Instagram with @Hucalberry

Marie Hucal spends her winters traveling around killing it on a snowboard and her off season traveling the country and taking in some of the most beautiful views North America has to offer. Check out some of her travel photos by giving her a follow on the ‘gram at @Hucalberry.

A Year in #Instagram with @LucasDebari

Lucas Debari spends his winters bouncing around Alaska, British Columbia, and peaks out in Europe, living in a tent out on glaciers riding literally the most epic terrain in the world. Needless to say, he’s got a pretty awesome Instagram account.

A Year in #Instagram with @Instalazz

For someone with virtually no filter on what they’ll say and do, you may find it surprising that Johnny Lazz is pretty handy with the ol’ Instagram filter. He lives a pretty fun life, from adventures in snowboarding to chilling in Lake Tahoe all summer.

A Year in #Instagram with @William_Lavigne

Will is a funny ass dude and about the best person to have on a snowboard trip with you. Aside from killing it at riding, he’s got a really positive attitude and is always down for a good laugh. Check …