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Will Lavigne in Deja Vu

The highly anticipated Deja Vu movie is premiering this Friday! Check out a bit of what to expect from Will Lavigne’s part.

Catching Up With Will Lavigne

Will Lavigne has been quietly putting in a ton of work this season filming for the upcoming Deja Vu film. We decided to catch up with him to see what he’s been up to during the warmer months and talk about how his season went.

Deja Vu Slam Section With LNP

Even LNP can’t land ’em all. Check out some of his heavy slams taken while filming for his upcoming part in the Deja Vu movie.


Check out the second web release from DÉJÀ VU with LNP and Will Lavigne.

DÉJÀ VU with LNP and Will Lavigne

LNP and Will Lavigne have gotten together with a group of their friends to make a new film called Deja Vu. Check out the first webisode leading up to its release.