SDS Updates

SDS Updates

The boy wonder, Justin Phipps.

Justin Phipps is just 11 years old but wise beyond his years. We had the chance to ride with Justin at this year’s On Snow Demo at Copper Mountain and he reassured us that the future is in good hands. …

Keep The Change’s “Homage” early season trailer

Trailer season is here again and Keep the Change wasted no time dropping this hammer filled trailer for their new film “Homage”. Homage combines some of the hungriest young riders as they seek and destroy every type of terrain possible. …

There, we said it.

Fuck Outside Magazine.

On Monday January 27th, 2014 days before the annual SIA trade show took place, Mark Peruzzi of Outside Magazine took it upon himself to proclaim the demise of snowboarding.

The article itself is little more than hate spewing, fact misconstruing, pure rubbish. Read it for yourself here.

To honor this outrageous article we at Rome are giving away a free diecut sticker to commemorate this erroneous display of fear mongering journalism.

Fuck Outside Magazine

All you have to do to get your hands on a diecut is email your name and address to, put “Fuck Outside Magazine” in the subject line and indicate whether you want black or white.

If you find the Outside’s decision to publish this article offensive, we suggest you send an email to the editor of the magazine, Sam Moulton.

His email is, we’re sure he’ll be excited to hear from you.

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Bjorn Leines’ Hump Day Interview

Our friends over at Yobeat caught up with Bjorn recently to talk with him about his season, Celtek, how Internet killed the video star and more. Take a second and check it all out below…. Interview by Brooke Geery While …

Back-to-Back from Quebec

Quebec is known for their poutine, harsh winters and technical rail riders. For years now this province has been pumping out some of the best shredders in North America and these two Regional Am riders are no different. Mammouth Durette …

Sweeney Todds Episode 1

The Sweeney Todds crew hails from the mean streets of the Pacific Northwest where they have made a name for themselves by assaulting the parks of Mt. Bachelor.

There’s Something Strange Brewing in the Office

The Strange Brew boys have been cruising around the East coast for the past few weeks so when they were in our neck of the woods we decided to catch up and ask the boys a few questions. Since they …

Bjorn Leines Full Year Part

Bjorn had an awesome 12 months, check out the final product here in his Full Year Part!

Strange Brew Tapes EP. 3

Strange Tapes EP. 3 from Strange Brew on Vimeo. The Strange Brew boys continue their quest to get weird with a little night session at Trollhaugen, as described by Keenan Cawley. ‘We made way from the city to the lake …

12 Month Full Film

After 12 months of traveling around the globe in pursuit of shred we boiled down all the good times into one final film.