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Checking In: Midwest Rome Rep Rich Whinnie

Rich Whinnie is the force behind the Rome SDS Great Lakes Insurgents in the Midwest. Michigan Boarder checked in with him and did a quick Q+A, check it out.

Ask the Rider – Live on Facebook with the 12 Months Crew

For the next 12 Months film, the crew has been putting in some work in the streets. For 2 hours, this Friday January 18th, hit Toni, Jonah, Ozzy, and Riley up about whatever you’d like.

Shop Girl of the Week: Jenna Hoy

The NOTB crew rolls pretty deep here in New England. We’re hyped to add another one to the infamous list of Shop Girl of the Week.

Shop Guy of the Week: Zach Watson

Check out the latest Shop Guy of the Week with Zach Watson out of The Source Boardshop in West Canada.

Behind the Lens: Ian Post

Between filming at Windells Camp all summer and making his own full length shred movie, Ian Post is one busy dude. Check out the latest Behind the Lens interview.

Shop Guy of the Week: Matt Pyne

The latest Shop Guy of the Week interview is out with Matt Pyne from Absolute-Snow in the UK. Give it a read, it’s a good one.

Behind the Lens: Ian Macy

Summer camp session edits don’t just magically appear every week. There’s a dedicated crew of filmers and editors behind the scenes that make it happen. Get to know filmer / editor Ian Macy in this latest Behind the Lens.

Shop Guy of the Week: Evan Ricker

Dedicated. It’s about the best word you can describe Evan’s passion for snowboarding, but it’s such a simple word, and may not even do his outlook justice. It’s been a long time coming but here is the long overdue Shop Guy of the Week interview with Evan Ricker out of Darkside in Killington VT.

Behind the Lens: NJ Petersen

NJ kills it at Windells each and every summer, getting stuff handled while still finding time to take some awesome photos, not to mention his help with Rome related activities on and off-hill has been invaluable. He was the obvious choice for this latest Behind the Lens interview.

Behind the Lens: Erik Hoffman

Some of the hardest workers at summer shred camps are the people behind the cameras. We caught up with photographer Erik Hoffman to hear about how his summer went at Windells, some of his favorite moments, and to check out a batch of his photos.