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By Design: The 2018 Mountain Division

Long before it ever sees snow, every board we make starts as a concept. Debated, sketched, re-sketched, digitalized, emailed, scanned, crumpled-up, emailed again. It’s safe to say the art takes a lot of forms before finally getting produced.

In the case of our 2018 Mountain Division we took a few more step’s than usual. We tagged Brooklyn based artist Dylan Goldberger to bring to life a trophy buck mount that would grace the board’s topsheet.

What makes Dylan’s illustrations even more unique is that each one comes from a wood block print. Each illustration is carved out of a block of wood, ink is applied and then pressed onto a sheet of paper to create the finished pieces.

The skill and technical ability needed to create such work is second to none and Dylan’s final product speaks for itself. We couldn’t be more stoked to feature his work on the 2018 Mountain Division!

Film and edit by Max Hull.

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