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The New 2016 Powder Division Series


New for 2016 we have unleashed three unique shapes all designed for riding winter waves.

The brand new Powder Division boards are all designed for different conditions, terrain and riders.

The Powder Division Shallow Tail 148 is the shortest and widest board in the Powder Division collection. The Swallow Tail maximizes Snow Displacement in the zone under and in front of the front foot. From there back, the board tapers into a swallowtail. The result is a nimble, soulful powder board that slashes and weaves with style.

In the Powder Division Moon Tail 154 we spread out the Snow Displacement evenly between the front foot and rear foot for a balanced feel. It’s somewhat short length and wider width keeps it agile in tight terrain, but the combo of the Snow Displacement and the medium taper results in a floaty board that is happiest planing at medium speeds. It’s a board that handles a wide range of powder terrain, delivering mellow, surfy turns as well as faster, explosive slashes.

The Powder Division Pin Tail 160 is the gun in the collection. The Pin Tail combines a mellow taper with greater length and a more traditional waist width. Though able to float slower lines, it’s happiest at speed where it planes on top of the snow and allows the riders to initiate with the front foot and explode off the rear foot.

No matter which Powder Division deck you decide to go with you will be dropping into our newest evolution of camber built for deep days; Powder-S 3D.

Powder-S 3D takes the ever popular Powder-S camber and adds a unique three dimensions spoon style rise in the nose of the board. This nose provides a unique level of snow displacement that works in conjunction with the boards width and length to creates each board’s personality.

Want to check one out in real life? Yes, we thought so. Below is a full list of shops that are currently carrying one of the Powder Division decks. Give ’em a ring or stop in and check them out!

Alternative Sports, (418)-721-0052
Buckman’s, (610) 435-1242
Cutting Edge, (860) 828-3428
Damage, (218) 724-4027
Darkside, (802) 422-8600
East of Maui, (410) 934-­4220
Eastern Boarder, (508) 926-8250
Empire Sports, (418) 622-2226
Herb Bauer, (559) 435-8600
Little Mountain LTD, (440) 946-5028
Martini Skate And Snow, (330) 655-0155
NOTB, (603) 898-8532
Oncore, (928) 774-2673
Paragon, (212) 255-8889
People Skate and Snow, (248) 499-7472
Recess Skate and Snow, (828) 355-9013
Salty Peaks, (801) 467-8000
Satellite Boardshop, (303) 374-3275
Seven B Board Shop, (208) 263-0707
Ski Barn, (609) 530-1666
Squaw Valley Resort, (800) 403-0206
-Stevens Pass Snowboard Shop, (360) 799-0613
Surfin On the Banks, (323) 721-1050
Underground Snowboards, (970) 453-7400
Unlimited Skate and Snow, 403-762-3725
Waterbury Sports, (802) 882-8595
World Boards, (406) 587-1707
Zombie Board Shop, (952) 892-0047

They are also available on our site and can be purchased as part of the % For Snowboarding program. What? Not familiar with % For Snowboarding? You can purchase online and portion of your sale goes to the shop of your choosing! Get the full breakdown here.

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