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Rome x Snurfer Powder Division 148


November 18th, 2015

When Sherman Poppen invented the Snurfer® in 1965, he created an iconic brand that holds a foundational place in snowboard history. Outside of super obscure stuff, the Snurfer came before everything else. Before bindings, bases and edges came along, the Snurfer was simply how you shredded snow standing sideways. If you were a skater in the 70s in a colder part of America, there was a good chance you had a Snurfer. In the early 1980’s, Rome’s co-founders were two such kids who got Snurfers and started hiking local sledding hills. Having got started on Snurfers when Shoot To Thrill dominated the airwaves, Rome’s founders have always had a lot of respect for Snurfer and what it means to all snowboarders.

When our friend Brew Moscarello, the founder of Vew-Do Balance boards who took over the Snurfer brand recently, reached out to Rome’s Co-Founder and board designer Paul Maravetz about collaborating on a board together, we were all-in.

After meeting with Brew and the Snurfer crew, it was clear that the Rome Powder Division 148, one of our powder boards, had the closest ties to the Snurfer heritage and would be perfect for this project. The resulting collab is a 100% modern powder snowboard designed to surf snow and enter white rooms. With a lot of float in powder, the Powder Division 148 ST is also nimble enough for making quick turns in trees and slashing pillow lines.

Of course the graphics for these limited edition boards needed some special attention. Working with the designers at Snurfer, Rome’s Art Director Michael Paddock pulled elements in Snurfer art history to create a classically-inspired graphic. Using wood grain and clean geometric lines, the graphic is a perfect balance of current board design with a heritage in Snurfer history.

In addition to having the full tech package of the Powder Division 148, each of these individually numbered, limited edition boards boast the unique features of rope holes in the nose. This lets the rider transform the board from a cutting-edge powder board with bindings, to a traditional, binding-less Snurfer.

To celebrate the spirit of this collaboration we are giving away one of these modern powder beauties. The #SnurfDivision contest is based around the idea of finding your earliest riding photo. It could be backyard riding, snurfing, riding golf course lines with your buddies, and kind of vintage snow snurfing! Post the photo on Instagram with the hashtag #SnurfDivision and we will pick a winner on December 2nd! (Contest open to US residents only)

The Rome x Snurfer Powder Division 148 is a limited edition board hitting stores this fall. Check with your local Rome dealer or visit to surf powder on a modern classic.

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