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Transworld Snowboarding’s 16th Annual Riders’ Poll Nominees Announced


It’s that time of year again, where Transworld Snowboarding polls riders from every realm of boarding to determine who’s video parts, contest performances and all-around riding stood out the most.

Everyone from legends to rookies gets a say as to who impressed them last season. Categories include, Men’s and Women’s Parts of the Year, Rookies of the Year, Rider of the Year and more.

Get the full breakdown here:

This year we are stoked to announce that Marie-France Roy and Mary Rand are both nominated for Women’s Video parts of the year! MFR for her hammer part in her ground breaking project, The Little Things, and Mary for her Yawgoons Full Part which showcased her talent in the streets. In addition to Women’s part of the year Mary is also nominated for Women’s Rookie of the year! Pretty insane if you think about it….

Oh and if that wasn’t enough, MFR has also been nominated for Women’s Rider of the Year. Solidifying the importance and power of riding and hard work on her own feature film, The Little Things.

Check out MFR’s jaw dropping backcountry domination:

At the other end of the spectrum is Mary’s part, full of technical rail tricks and heavy urban drops, Mary has set a new standard for women’s urban riding:

Regardless of who wins this nomination, we at Rome couldn’t be happier to have MFR and Mary riding for us. Both are perfect examples of riders who take charge of the terrain they ride and make it their own. Displaying a serious dedication to riding and progressing snowboarding in positive and unique ways.

Hell yeah ladies, so hyped for you both!

There is also a new category called, “Climate Activist Award” presented by Protect Our Winters (POW). Lets just say we wouldn’t be surprised if we heard Marie’s name called more than once in Denver this year….

Either way, congratulations to these two riders for killing it and doing what they love. We are honored to support your riding and best of luck to the both of you!

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