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Find Snowboarding Product Highlight: 2015 Artifact

When you travel halfway around the world to snowboard in a foreign city you need a board that can take a beating and step to whatever you put in front of it.

Enter the Artifact: Our buttery, positive-cambered jib weapon of choice for team riders. It’s been the go to board for LNP since he started riding for Rome so naturally it was on his packing list for Kazakhstan.

The all-new ’15 Artifact features the single glass barrel Hot Rod technology, glass impact plates, the rider favorite quick rip side cut and enough snap to ollie the highest fence in Kazakhstan.

New for 2015 we redesigned the shape, added our Skatedeck Tech to the Artifacts, a single horizontal laminate on the topsheet for a more skate like feel, which also provides the deck with added strength. The Artifacts also include our new Rebound Sidewalls, an elastic sidewall compound that helps to absorb impact and provides greater strength so you can go bigger and faster.

This is the board that took the park and jib world by storm and hasnt looked back since. Team riders, park lappers, street dwellers and urban enthusiast alike all know, the Artifact is the truth.

We collaborated with Brendan Donnelly for the graphics on the 2015 Artifacts and frankly, we’re petty damn pleased with how they came out. Brendan has worked with Converse, Adidas, numerous bands and even the Museum of Death in Los Angeles. His portfolio is definitely worth a look…

With a unique cartoonish style we knew Brendan’s work would fit perfectly with the Artifact. A little bit dark, a tad playful and 100% shred, the 2015 Artifacts are a perfect merger between functionality and creativity.

Board art is important but the real test comes down to how the Artifact handles the frozen streets, urban landscapes and technical terrain riders expose it to. In this case the proof is in the pudding and you need only watch Find Snowboarding: KAZAKHSTAN to see how it handles the urban environment and riding style of LNP…

Find Snowboarding: KAZAKHSTAN from Rome Snowboards on Vimeo.

These bad boys are hitting shops everywhere right now, use our Shop Locator tool to find the Artifact closest to you or hang tight and grab it from our website were you can still support a local shop using our % For Snowboarding Program…

Any question about the Artifact or any other Rome products always feel free to hit up the Rider Council Email, we’re always happy to talk shop!

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