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What the %&@$ is Trash League?


For some Central Canadians and Internet vigilantes Trash League is a house hold name, others might think it to be a union of garbagemen who started a fight club.

While we still cant confirm or deny if Trash League is a fight club, we can confirm they are group of riders from Ontario who have an eye for creativity and urban destruction.

Trash League is in midst of releasing their three part online series, Digital Weekend, so we figured what better time to get the low down on what’s really going on with this crew.

Denny Duquette is a Rome regional rider from Ontario who may or may not be running a fight club. We caught up with Denny to find out about Trash League once and for all….

P: Max Wharin

Alright lets start with the basics, what’s your name, how old are you, where are you from?

My Name is Denny Duquette, I’m 21, and I’m from Barrie, Ontario. It’s a small town in Southern Ontario.

Where did you spend most of your time riding this year?

Blue Mtn is our home hill, but mostly we spent our time traveling between Toronto, and Sudbury, Ontario.

How did Trash League as a crew come about? It’s an awesome name, who came up with it?

I’m kind of new to the crew, all the other guys have been riding together for years. Mike Chmil (the brains of the whole operation) welcomed me into the crew last year. I couldn’t be happier.

I believe Mike and I came up with the name together. We would hangout at his house doodling different names until we (mostly Mike) drew one we liked.

P: Max Wharin

What do you think makes Trash League different? You guys have an awesome DIY no fucks given attitude which is great to see from a crew…

Hahaha we are not that badass trust me, mostly we sit in Tim Hortons (worst place on earth) and show up late to spots.

I guess that’s what makes us different. We barely have full plans, no one is out trying to send their lives away. We just do what we feel like. Some days it works, a lot of days it doesn’t. But we have fun no matter what. Everyone has their days where they will jump off a roof for hours, or climb a set of stairs 100 times just to walk away with something they’re happy with. All the guys are really talented have a creative eye to snowboarding.

Hahah fair enough, what’s the central Canadian snowboard scene like?

Central Canadian scene is a hard one to judge, there are a lot of snowboarders from here, but not many stay around. In the heart of winter there are always different crews coming through Ontario. Quebec isn’t really central Canadian, but they have some insane snowboarding coming out of there.

How did you get into snowboarding originally?

Classic story, my older brother did it, and my friends started so I naturally followed. Got lessons at my local hill (about 300 vertical feet) and was hooked ever since.

Classic indeed, what’s the off season like for you?

A lot of skating, a lot of falling. I go to a lot punk/ hardcore shows. I work a lot… It’s a fucking bummer.

What’s your favorite part of riding with Trash League?

My favourite part of riding with Trash League is how relaxed it is, there is always something hilarious happening, someone falling, or throwing snow blocks off a school and it landing in a scoop and covering someone with snow. I don’t have a favourite part, because it’s always fun with my friends.

Any plans for the up coming season?

Just save money so I can eat all winter. Hopefully we’ll do a Killington trip once the snow starts flying. Then just try and snowboard everyday and not get hurt.

We’re stoked on Digital Weekend, any hints at what Sunday might hold in store?

I’m as stoked as you guys are. Mike is kind of a mad scientist, you won’t see what he created until the very last minute. i’m as anxious as you guys are.

Current set up?

152 Artifact, 390 Boss, and Libertine boots.

Good stuff, alright lastly any shout outs?

Andrew Burns, Mom, Dad, Jeff( my dog), Mike Chmil, Gordon Birnie, Chris Fellner, Danny Glibota, Ben Poechman, Mark Goodall, Pat McCarthey, Max, Wharin, Katie Morton, Alex Beebe, Sara, Bianca Chandon, Curtis Brox, Bobby Edge, Chris Killingsworth, Andrew Peden, Danny Wilson, Craig Blenkhorn, Alex, Paul x Deadlift, Craig Gouweloos, Darrel

Hit Denny and Trash League with a follow on IG and stay tuned for the last installment of Digital Weekend: @Trashleague and @Mistyflipppppppppp

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