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A Day In The Life: Jeff Hopkins

Jeff Hopkins, where to begin?

With sleepy smooth style, a bag of tricks that would smoke you at a game of SNOW, or SKATE for that matter, this Oregon raised ripper is one of the newest additions to our Am team and for obvious reasons.

Like many before him, Hopkins made the pilgrimage to SLC, shredding and living with fellow AM rider Chris Frost. If Jeff’s shots in our Road Trips Never Fail edit are indicative of what he’s been doing all season his part in “Chuurch” could be pretty damn all time.

Hopkins is an overall genuine, humble individual who kills it on a snowboard. Windells Camp clearly knew that so they brought him on-board as a coach to impart wisdom and trap music to the youth.

Check out a Day in The Life of Jeff Hopkins….

P: Gill Montgomery

6:30 AM: Wake up feel a little crispy from the day before, shake that, brush teeth, and head to camp.

7:00 AM: Arrive at camp grab a bite to eat, have a morning meeting with the coaching crew then grab Go-Pros, radios and get juiced on the stoked roast (coffee), load up the busses and roll out.

9:00 AM: We arrive at the mountain and I link up with my squad for the week. We get a much needed stretch session in then climb the chairlifts to 8500 ft and shred down to the park to warm up.

Showing the kids how to get inverted

Showing the kids how to get inverted

11:00 AM: By this time we are all warmed up and usually on to our second feature of the day, I’m filming and riding the features with the squad to help the kids with style, tricks, and overall progression.

The kids are definitely feeling it from the days previous so I usually get the stoke rolling with some heavy trap music and even casual salsa will get the rip rolling. I see all sorts of energy levels from kids some are stoked and others not so much.

The stoked ones are learning everything and/or hungry for the shred, you can give em shit just like your buddy ha. Some of the others however are not as hungry so I resort to fun ground tricks or snowball throwing and whatever keeps the energy and stoke high! Nuking Palmer with Scotland’s Cameron last session was unreal, 60mph plus!

Congrats, Homie! you won!

Congrats homie! You won!

1:00 PM: lunch was at noon and after that we (coaches) split away from our OG groups and take over some clinics, so if a bunch of kids want to learn back lips then we push from 1230 to 130 getting them dialed. After that it’s free time for campers and ya boi.

3:00 PM: The park and mountain is closing down and I’m pretty crispy, just shredded hard for the last two hours taking photos and stacking clips. Feeling great I surf the highlife down to the parking lot.

'Mellow shred to the parking lot' yeah, sure Jeff.

‘Surfing the highlife’

5:00 PM: At this point I’m back at campus meeting up with my squad to do video review, this part is super helpful to the kids because everything I’ve been saying on hill is being illustrated right information of them. Plus we check out any of the random selfies and rouge hammers I end up filming haha, then head to dinner.

7:00 PM: By this time the “concrete jungle” isn’t scorching so it’s time to skate, (best park ever) we are all duty free so after some rippin we head to the local watering hole, Brightwood.

9:00 PM: Everybody at the Ark has made their rounds through the store and we’re popping tabs, starting fires and living to the fullest, talking about the day and getting stoked for another to come…

1100- Crash out!

"You kids like alley-oop fives?"

‘You kids like alley-oop fives?’

Check out Jeff on Instagram: @Lilhefe

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