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A Day In The Life: Evan Wilcox


Let’s be honest, we’ve all had one or two summer jobs that were, how do you say “less than satisfactory”. Maybe you were a dog walker, a dish washer, or maybe you were the guy who pulled the tentacles off squid before it became calamari.

Chances are you’ve probably never had a job like Evan Wilcox: Managing an entire demo center, handling an array of camper related issues, keeping track of and making product recommendations by the dozen and compiling a demo report for every brand in the demo center. All while still finding time to shred Mt. Hood and every other possible surface that Oregon provides. Well not all summer jobs are created equal and not everyone is as cool-headed and capable as Evan Wilcox.

A regional rider from Oregon who spends his winters in SLC, Evan is one of those kids who will help you put hundreds of dollars worth of booze in his car and then smuggle it into wherever it needs to go without blinking. Evan is our man on the ground at Windells and even helps to test and provide feedback for our boots and bindings. Take a look at Evan’s daily hustle in our latest, A Day In The Life….

P: Erik Hoffman

Here is a rundown of a typical day for me as the Demo Manager at Windells.

6:45 AM: Get angry at my alarm for waking me up so early. Get up and drive to camp.

7:00-8:00 AM: Unlock my shop to give GoPros and radios to coaches, as well as handle any morning gear emergencies for campers and staff. Eat breakfast while this is going on.

8:00 AM-3:00 PM: Best part of my day: Free Time. This usually means a quick yoga session before sending it up the hill to Timberline. There I get to ride an insane park put together by our hard-working digger crew, or just take palmer laps and rip slushy snake runs and natural hits. Whatever fits the mood. If I need a day off of shred, I often spend some time in the woods hiking to waterfalls or taking a dip in the river.

Nature, so hot right now.

Nature, so hot right now.

3:00-6:30 PM: Open my shop. Inside I have a plethora of next year’s boards, boots, and bindings for lucky campers and staff to use. My favorite part of my job is getting technical with campers and explaining how certain gear will perform based off the technology it possesses.

Speaking of new gear...

Speaking of new gear…

I love it when they come back stoked after using the new gear. I feel that I really get a chance to impact these campers’ lives by setting them up on gear that will perform the way they need it to so they can get even more hyped on snowboarding. I’m a one man team in the shop, so it can get a little hectic when helping 8 or 9 campers at once.

Dont worry he still finds time to shred

Always time for a good Roast Beef

6:30-7:00 PM: – Grub.

7:00-9:00 PM: Open the shop again and handle whatever comes my way. This could be anything from fixing the brakes on a BMX bike, setting a camper up on his dream board, or plucking a splinter out of a crying eight year old’s thumb. I also take the time to collect GoPro footage that coaches film and transfer it to an external hard drive so campers can come get their shots. I charge up the radios and GoPros for the coaches and close my shop up.

If this was MTV Cribs this would be "where the magic happens"

If this was MTV Cribs this would be “where the magic happens”

9:00-10:30 PM: Once the shop is closed and quiet, I get the chance to catch up on all my other work. This includes emailing reps from companies who sponsor camp and collecting demo skateboards that are strewn all over campus. I’m also responsible for creating Demo Reports for each snow company that provides us with gear in the shop. These reports reveal what gear actually went out as well as whatever feedback I gather from both campers and staff. This in turn helps all those sponsors collect information on how their gear performs and allows them to tweak it as needed to create the best product.

Casual 4th of July in Oregon

Casual 4th of July in Oregon

When a session comes to a close, we only have one day off to unwind. But the employees all go hard here and make the best of that day. For example, we had Independence Day off and a solid crew of homies decided to summit Mt. Hood, shred down, skateboard at camp, mob to the coast to surf at sunset, and watch fireworks on the beach. All in one day. Summers out here are not for the tired and weak, but they are the best for committed board riders and adventure seekers!

Evan is certainly an adventure seeker and over-all badass, check him out on Instagram or swing in to the demo center an say what up: @EvanWilcox

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