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A Day In The Life: Brian Nero

Getting the shot while Max Lyons greases the DFD


Whether you know it or not you are probably familiar with Brian Nero. If you have watched any of the Windells session recap edits from this summer than you have seen his work.

After finishing up his senior year of college and his first full length film, “No Names” this Seven Springs native packed up shop and headed out to Windells to take a job as a staff videographer. Sounds pretty awesome right of college, but is it all just down rails and fun in the sun?

Clearly a man of many talents this South East regional rider is a humble, articulate kid with a lot more to show the world. Let’s see what a Day In The Life of Brian Nero looks like…

Getting the shot while Max Lyons greases the DFD

Getting the shot while Max Lyons greases the DFD

Whats up guys, I’m going to run you through a typical day in the life at Windells camp for me. This is my first summer out here as a videographer filming for the session recaps as well as other content. 

8:00 AM: Wake up, pack my camera bag with water, sunscreen, batteries, camera, fisheye, tripod. Drive to breakfast in the media van. Make a lunch and somehow fit it in my already overfilled bag…
I’ll also try and make plans with riders before I even get on hill just to make it a little more organized.

P: Tyler Orton

10:00 AM: Make my way up both Magic Mile and Palmer lift with all my gear. Get to the lane and ether take a lap or two or start filming who ever is ready to ride. FDOH or day 1, I normally take a few runs in the park to see what the new set up is like. Once i figure out what features look the best to shoot that day I’ll get a few riders together and start filming. Most of the session I try to make my way to different features each day to make sure I shoot the entire park.
Film till lunch.

Taking a break from filming for a quick front board...

Taking a break from filming for a quick front board…

12:00 PM Break for lunch, check clips with riders and clean my lens. Put more sunscreen on. I’ll then get a group of riders together to start another film session for the afternoon. I usually try to make sure I’m filming with a good diversity of riders. If campers are near a feature I’m filming I’ll try and get them into the session. I guess the trickiest part of this job is to show off the whole park with as many riders as we can.

Selfie while Max Lyons hikes to get his trick.

Selfie while Max Lyons hikes to get his trick.

2:00 PM Continue filming until ski patrol comes and kicks us out of our lane around 3-3:30

4:00 PM: Get home, take a shower, change, import footage, charge batteries and pack my bag for filming at campus.

6:00 PM: Eat dinner, skate the best skatepark ever and maybe even do a little skate filming.

Damn! Nero's got some skate skills too!

Damn! Nero’s got some skate skills too!

8:00 PM: Normally around this time the session takeover pros will be doing some sort of event on campus. This normally involves kids eating a ton of food to win a t shirt… haha most of it is pretty funny to film. If nothing is going on ill just continue to skate.

10:00 PM: Get home. Import footage, if I dont have to much work to do ill head over to the ark to hang with the rest of the staff. 

You think this footage is going to edit itself?!

You think this footage is going to edit itself?!

12:00 AM: Then go to bed and start all over again.  

Big shout out to my manager and friend of the SDS, Ian Macy also head diggers Trevor, Will and the rest of the Windells diggers for killing it this summer with the parks. I hope everyone is enjoying the session recap videos. I know I’m having a blast filming them. If your thinking about coming to Windells for the summer, DO ITTT!!! This place really is The “funnest” place on earth. 

Brian Nero AKA @My_Hero_Nero on Instagram.

Here’s a little taste of Windells’ video-team’s handy work:

Session 2 Snowboarding, 2014 from Windells on Vimeo.

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