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Brian Nero Interview and “No Names” Full Movie


Brian Nero is a South East rider who has been making a name for himself with a steady stream of appearances in front of and behind the lens.

This year Brian set his sights on putting out a full movie,”No Names”, while finishing his senior year of college.

That’s a lot on your plate no matter how you look at it, but Brian got it done with flying colors.

As talented as he his humble, Brian’s got a lot more to show the snowboard world and we’re stoked to see what he does!

I recently caught up with Brian to talk about his season, future plans and “No Names”.

Did you have any expectations going into this project?
At the end of last summer, I decided I wanted to do a full movie with my close group of friends for what could be our last season together. My over all goal was to just film at a bunch of different resorts near us and when possible some urban. I just wanted to show that its possible for anyone to grab a camera and film a movie with their friends no matter how good you are as long as your have the drive. That’s what snowboarding is all about, shredding with your friends. 
What do you think the highlight of the season was?
Probably getting invited to Snowboarder Magazine The Launch at Seven Springs. To have a large event in snowboarding such as The Launch come to PA and to be apart of it was awesome. It was super fun to be able to just follow my friends around all day and film them on the set up. 

No Names from Cat Man Productions on Vimeo.

Low point of the season?
The worst part of the season was around the end of March when the hard drives that had all of Coopers footage crashed… also Trevor had only a handful of shots. That sucked
Who are your favorite dudes to ride with and why?
Daniel Agre, Alex Budnik, David Hormby, Jason Anderson have all been my good riding homies these last couple of years. We all kind of have a different style. Nothing but good times traveling with them. This season I really got to know Trevor Eichelberger and Cooper Thomas a lot better. I was never really sure what Trevor was going to do when we rode together which kind of got me pumped to try some new stuff. Brent McCarron is also another good friend who always has a unique look at hitting features.
Plans for the summer and beyond?
Well I just graduated college, im headed to Windells in a week to work with Ian Macy (the other filmer for No Names) to be a videographer at camp. After that, not to sure. Trying to get a job in the Industry and help continue to grow snowboarding.

Favorite riders on the Rome team?
Ozzy Henning for sure. His style is unmatched. Stale killing it in contest, but still remaining true to snowboarding by riding with his friends and having a good time. Will Lavinge had a killer part in Deja_Vu last season.
Hardest part of the whole process?
Being a full time student in my senior year of college. Just finding time to try and make it to the hill to film for a few hours. Also I didn’t have a job so whatever money I had from the summer I had to use to fund all the trips. The same goes for most of the riders in the movie. Just trying to coordinate who could film when and where.
Just wanted to give a big shout out to Harrison Montgomery my rep for Rome South. Thanks for all the support you have given me. Also Chris Bunch my shop manager and AK at Crab Grab. Thanks to everyone who supplied footage for the movie. It wouldn’t have been possible without all the extra clips. Thanks to all the riders who put in the time filming. Thanks to Matt Stillman at Rome for this interview. This was one hell of a season, and I hope to carry that on this summer to Windells. 

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