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The 2015 Katana named Top 5 Binding at SIA


Debuted recently at the SIA tradeshow in Denver, Rome’s new Katana binding was named one of the Top 5 bindings of the show by Snowboard Magazine.

Check out the award on Snowboard Mag’s website:

A newly forged all-mountain weapon, the Katana revolutionizes SDS binding design. In the creative process for this project, Rome took all that is amazing about their ground-breaking UnderWrap bindings and created an even better interface for slashing, pressing, spinning and carving mountains. Utilizing a minimalist design, the Katana a super-light binding that has the smallest footprint of any binding on the market: only 1.56% of the baseplate material contacts your board.

And it’s loaded with new designs.

With new features like the AsymWrap Heel Hoop and V-Rod Ultralight baseplate, it flexes into those tweaked-out, contorted crails and it powers those deeply rutted early-morning carves. It flows and pops with the rider to surf into a wall of untracked snow and explode it 20 feet into the air. With other new industry-first designs like the PivotMount Strap technology, it customizes comfort and control like no other binding to match one person’s style—yours.

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