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The boy wonder, Justin Phipps.


Justin Phipps is just 11 years old but wise beyond his years.

We had the chance to ride with Justin at this year’s On Snow Demo at Copper Mountain and he reassured us that the future is in good hands.

Justin was kind enough to take a few minutes away from his busy schedule to answer some questions for us. Take a minute and get to know this pint sized ripper, we’re pretty confident that you’ll be seeing a lot more of this well spoken up and comer.

Name, age, location, home mountain.
Justin Phipps, 11, Arvada, CO., Breckenridge, CO.

How did you first start snowboarding?

At first I rode a lot of Copper Mountain because I could ride free and it was a great learning place. Then, as we bought season passes, I started to ride more of Summit County including Breckenridge and Keystone.

Who are your biggest influences in life and in snowboarding?

My buddy Chris Corning is a huge influence in life and snowboarding because he is really nice and he always encourages me to do different things. Most of all though he’s an amazing shredder, the best kid his age I know. Halldor I also really like because he’s really creative. I look up to Ståle too because he has awsm style and rides many contests like I do.

If you could have any super power what would it be and why?

Oh, this is a fun one, probably flying because I could see the world in a whole new way and be able to clear features when I need it most.

-Photo by Paul Miller

What’s your favorite type of terrain to ride and why?

That’s tough because no matter what I say my answer is gonna offend someone. Park, because I can do so many unique things and express myself in many different ways. But I also like contests and street.

What do you like to do besides snowboarding?

Well, I play tackle football and also play baseball. During the summer I bike down to the Arvada skatepark and skate there a lot too.

Can you tell us a little about your blog, SavedByTheGnar?

savedByTheGnar is a blog I have where I post lots of stories, reviews, interviews, and edits. It’s just something I have to keep people updated and connected.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Thankfully my parents are very supportive in my snowboarding so I’ll be spending lots more time on the snow. Also I’ll probably be receiving my education in different ways than the average 16 year old would be. And hopefully, I’ll be moving on to more desirable contests.

Justin Phipps Age 10 2012-13 Season Narrative Episode 3.11 from Mistaken Productions on Vimeo.

If you had to describe Sully, Dan Sullivan, in 1 word what would it be?

Talkative (I thought he was great that’s just the first thing that came to mind.)

Describe your perfect day….

Ooh I like this question, my perfect day is 27 degrees with bluebird skies and no lift lines. Lapping with my buddy Chris, perfect park conditions, and excellent speed.

What would it mean to you to attend Snowboarder Mag’s The Launch?

Man I just smiled so much thinking about that. This would mean a lot to me because it has been one of my biggest goals to accomplish in snowboarding.

If you could ask anyone, alive or dead, any question, what would it be?

Wow that’s a really hard one. Right now I’d just like to ask Ståle what his perfect contest run is.

-Photo by Paul Miller

If you could travel to anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

Definitely Cali because I’ve never ridden there and they look like they have some super fun parks.

Who is your favorite rider on the Rome team and why?

Jonah Owen because to me he has some of the most unique style I’ve seen. He is also one of the nicest pros I’ve ridden with and he always has great answers to the questions I ask him.

If you could be any animal what would you be?

A T-Rex because I always wonder what it would be like that long ago. I also would be the most feared predator in the animal kingdom.

Why is snowboarding so awesome?

You can express yourself in so many different ways wether it’s powder, park, trees, rails, jumps, street, competing. I mean you can experience so many things in life because of it and make so many different friends and be rewarded in many different ways. It’s awesome because, it’s just awesome.

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