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Portland Snowpocalypse


This past week old man winter has been kind to some rather unusual locations. The city of Portland, Oregon recently played host to a rare snow storm.

Some of our Pacific Northwest affilaites took this opportunity to hit some very rare features in the Rose City.

Words and photos by SDS insider Shaun Daley.

A ROMEantic Snowpocalypse in Portland.

The city of roses, Portland Oregon, just received an extremely rare inner city dumping. Transforming one the best cities to skate, into a snowboard playground.

Rome’s NW rep, Jeff Rudinski rallied the homies, liquid incentives in hand for the 4 days of urban assault.

Jeff Rudinski, actual boss.

Jeff Rudinski, actual boss.

Much like Jeff’s Hemi, charging through the snowy streets, he led the charge strapped in from feature to feature, showing he isn’t just a guy with a job at a snowboard company. Dude’s just trying to ride his snowboard as much as possible with friends.

Jeff showing em how its done

Jeff showing em how its done…

Friends we had; Cody Booth, Steve Pierce, Jerry, Drivebar, and Matt Gonzales.
It’s safe to say the funnest session of Portland’s 2014 #snowpocalypse, went down at the International Rose Test garden. The rose garden is the oldest public rose garden in the United States, a stunning place, and a priveledge to be able to snowboard in a landmark of coveted beauty like this.

Roses, romance, ROME-ANCE… eh? Maybe pushing it a little. Either way, I think we all fell in love with snowboarding a little more that day; Whether the roses had something to do with it or not.

Jerry with a serious 5-0

Jerry with a serious 5-0

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Jerry – @_eagleeyes_
Shaun Daley – @shaun_daley

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