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Local Gnar Winners: Buck 90/UKC


As you may recall last year’s Local Gnar contest featured a heavily revamped format. The new format included a panel of judges and a serious prize; a 3 months with the Rome van, 2 full set-ups and $1,000 bucks to spend however the winners determined.

Well in the end it came down to the Fairgrounds Swingers Club vs. Buck 90 in a heated battle for the van.

Ultimately Buck 90 won and the rest is Internet history, check out the winning edit below.

One fateful day in January they stopped by the office to grab the van, as the crew set off on their journey we imparted some nuggets of wisdom to the crew; Only break one law at a time, invest in jumper cables, keep an eye on the engine’s temperature and give em hell out there.

All photos in this post shot by Bryan Cordero.

Ahhh so remind me again who's driving?

Their first stop was the Sugarbush Mountain Park. Jeff DeForge grew up riding Sugarbush so he was greeted with a hero’s welcome and a new flat bar for atop the van. Awesome addition, big ups to Tony and the parks crew for making it all happen!

Buck 90 & UKC at Sugarbush from Dan Callahan on Vimeo.

From there the van headed north up to Maine in search of urban spots and presumably fresh lobstah. It is Maine after all.

Scenery aside Maine held a host of potential urban opportunities and the crew made the best of them. Nate Cordero with a healthy boardside with some serious consequences up in moose country.

After Maine it was down to western NY where the urban possibilities were almost as plentiful as the snow.

Tim Sullivan with a nice front board during recess…

Tim Sullivan with a nice front board during recess

From there the boys headed west, last we heard they were close to Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Based on the top secret edits we’ve seen so far they are stacking clips like nobody’s business.

Keep an eye peeled for their next edit!

Hell yeah boys! Stoked on the journey so far and excited to see what happens along the way!

Check out the Buck 90/UKC’s blog and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram @Buck90productions

Steve Lauder with disaster to creeper

Steve Lauder with a disaster to creeper rail.

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