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Fuck Outside Magazine

There, we said it.

Fuck Outside Magazine.

On Monday January 27th, 2014 days before the annual SIA trade show took place, Mark Peruzzi of Outside Magazine took it upon himself to proclaim the demise of snowboarding.

The article itself is little more than hate spewing, fact misconstruing, pure rubbish. Read it for yourself here.

To honor this outrageous article we at Rome are giving away a free diecut sticker to commemorate this erroneous display of fear mongering journalism.

Fuck Outside Magazine

All you have to do to get your hands on a diecut is email your name and address to, put “Fuck Outside Magazine” in the subject line and indicate whether you want black or white.

If you find the Outside’s decision to publish this article offensive, we suggest you send an email to the editor of the magazine, Sam Moulton.

His email is, we’re sure he’ll be excited to hear from you.

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