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There’s Something Strange Brewing in the Office


The Strange Brew boys have been cruising around the East coast for the past few weeks so when they were in our neck of the woods we decided to catch up and ask the boys a few questions.

Since they pride themselves on keeping it strange we thought we should ask them about some of their more strange experiences on the road. Feast your eyes on the Strangest Strange as told to the Rome SDS on January 7th 2014…

All photos by Danny Kern

Strangest sleeping arrangement?

Everyone – “Sleeping in the van, 8 sleeping one driving, everybody wrapped up like caterpillars, foot to mouth, old fashioned 69 style.”

Strangest pit stop?

Danny – “Probably stopping in Minneapolis for a Riff raff show. The whole crew got broken up just like that. Nate leaves the show with 3 random chicks and somehow gets dropped off where everyone else is. (KDWB house) Passes out with a bottle of Fireball in his lap. Bakken tries breaking a bunch of bottles over his head, and that didn’t work. He woke up in the morning, kept drinking whiskey and then proceeded to dive head first through his living room window. Then we all met back up, boarded Craig’s backyard setup, and then went to Troll till 3 AM.”

Strangest stranger in the crew?

Everybody – “Keeks, aka the blonde wizard. He’s just always down. Freestyling to any beat. He doesn’t drive, just claims ‘Bad bitches in the back!’ posted up, back row boys with Craig and the ukulele.

The Blond Wizard

Strangest Strange (hook up)?
Ian – “Danny met a chick at the Riff Raff show in Minneapolis, she ended up hanging out with him pretty much the whole time we were there, and took care of him like a mother after he broke his wrist at Elm.”
Danny – “Yeah, she brought me to the hospital, took me to the camera store, bought me green pain relief and hung out while I shot photos at Hyland before a visit to the X-ray lounge. Catherine. Yeah she’s just in my phone as Catherine.”

Strangest chow?
Danny – “Chinese food on Christmas day in Minnesota, I ordered Chicken chow mein, but it was just chicken in snot brown mess with won tons.”

Christmas in Minnesota
Strangest actual stranger?

Keenan – “This guy in a Subway in Boston comes in when we’re all waiting in line to order and immediately says something about ten dirty hippies or something. He just starts telling us about all these shows he’s been to but he’s pretty much just talking to himself. We tell him we’re not from around here and he just keeps listing bands he’s seen and then he just goes “but I never saw Sublime… “ Finally it’s his turn to order and he tries to get a sandwich they don’t make, announces to us “three bills for a zip, tomorrow it’ll be half the price,” and walks out the door.
Keenan – “Or at a party in Minneapolis. We get there and before anything else can happen this big orgerish frat looking dude with a popped collar comes up to me and goes “Dude you need to tell me your story right now cause I’m pretty sure you’re homeless”. Before I could tell him my story he goes ‘yeah you need to tell me your story cause I can hook up with a chick easy. It’ll take five minutes. I like going to parties to meet some people and hear some stories. I’ll get laid later.’ I just laughed at him.”

Strangest danger?
Keenan Cawley- “Ian had just gotten the van Last year’s NYE. We had pretty much all just loaded up in the van, and I had just gotten a crystal from my brother for Christmas so the first thing I do when I get in is stuff it up in the vents in the van. Pretty much everyone knew but it was always hush-hush ’cause it’s powerful and we didn’t want to jinx it or anything. So a year later, this New Years, we’re coming back from a party in Minneapolis, Chad’s driving, sober, relatively. This car in front of us slammed into the right hand barrier and somehow goes flying in reverse and slams in to the center median. The car that had been trying to pass on the left T bones into the car that just hit the median, and somehow we cruise right through this whole mess. Like, if we were two seconds earlier, we’d have been fucked. Right as we’re going through this gap, the crystal falls from the ceiling vents and lands in my lap. Like, actually.”

The Crystal!

Strangest tunes?
Everyone answers –“Croc Rock in the back seat, maybe some N sync, gotta have Miley, and then Gucci for a long drives. Somehow it always comes back to Gucci“

Strangest boarding spot?
Hunter – “Stuck in traffic on the freeway headed to Reno, we tied the banshee to the guard rail on the side of the road, pulled it back to sling Keenan under a semi. He did a quick lay back under the trailer. A Cop drove by and just goes on his loud speak ‘Not a good idea’. Didn’t even stop – just kept on going. That or the ‘double hippy hop’ spot in Duluth. There was just nothing there – a little hill and two shitty rails, maybe a sketchy down-flat-down, who’s to say.”

Strangest tits?
Everybody- “Crazy Hannah”

Strange Brew Crew in Full Effect

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