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Strange Brew Tapes EP. 3

Strange Tapes EP. 3 from Strange Brew on Vimeo.

The Strange Brew boys continue their quest to get weird with a little night session at Trollhaugen, as described by Keenan Cawley.

‘We made way from the city to the lake

Motivated by that cold and necessary escape

To shake and warm up the bones

Away from the Danger to familiar Christmas-lit homes

And zones, better research so no tricks’re stolen

A brief stop with Jeffy and the boys at Trollhaugen

Till 3 in the morning we carved and got licks

Under clementine snowstorm puking white on the clips

And dicking around trying a hand at Soaps

With endless affinities thanks to the towrope

And no dope so we’re early to rise

Tacking off imaginary lists, dreams in our eyes

And the sky’s a-chagin’ colors, startin’ to see our breath

With that cold chill coming creeping quickly down our necks.

Hyland’s best took us for a spin

But now we’ve got more adventures to begin.

Perhaps more work in the Minnesota wind

Or perhaps flock north to a new Michigan …’

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