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Inside Bjorn’s Personal Jib Farm

You can jib anything here - including this old truck from the '50s.


One could argue that since Bjorn’s jibfarm has appeared in films such as Any Means, The Shred Remains, and countless web edits, it is potentially the most famous backyard park in snowboarding. It’s changed a bit over the years, but the idea has always been the same: build a park to learn new tricks and session with your friends. We caught up with Bjorn to hear some history on the farm and what the plans are for this season.

When did construction on the jib farm first start and what was the motivation behind it?

We first started working on the jibfarm back in 2006.  But that winter we hardly got any snow, so the first real session on it was in 2007 for the Any Means video.   The Jibfarm is a way for me to think about snowboarding when it’s 80 degrees out and keep my mind thinking about possibilites.  I grew up learning how to ride on my backyard hill, so the Jibfarm just seems so natural to me to be able to create something out of junk and turn it into something to shred.

Does it change every year or mostly stay the same?

It has a few things that stay the same, like the big quarter pipe tanks and drop in.  Every summer I get excited for winter and start playing in the dirt building new features in anticipation of the coming season.  This fall I have been really stepping up the size and scale of the obstacles.  Now that I have a good winch things got a whole lot bigger.

This setup has probably seen some heavy stuff go down. Any particular favorite sessions or crews that came through to ride it?

One of the funnest times was in 2009 the Rome team came thru…. Having LNP, Lazz, and Marie was a super fun crew.

What’s the plan for this year – looks like some heavy construction going down so far!

This year I want to log a lot more time at the farm.  Get gnarly sessions with the homies and learn some new tricks.  It will have a better flow with more things to ride, and bigger airtime to be had.   Snowboarder Mag wants to do a 12 days of Christmas session on it in late December… so that should be awesome.

When does the snow usually hit in your area, and what do you think is the best part of having your own backyard jib park?

Snow usually hits mid December.  I hope it dumps before Christmas.  I think the best part is being able to create fun things to shred and have an environment that you can manipulate to get rad on.  It’s cool to have a place at home that I can film on.

Get an inside look at what Bjorn is up to while traveling the world to snowboard, as well as all the latest jibfarm updates, on his Instagram account!

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