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Local GNAR Releasing in August


We’ve carefully gone through each and every entry this year and selected our top 8 favorite. We probably say this every year, but, damn – these were without a doubt the best Local GNAR entries we’ve ever seen. These match-ups look like they are going to be pretty close.

Instead of a social media popularity contest style vote, we’re going a slightly different route than we originally planned. We will be leaving the judging in the capable hands of a few qualified people that actually live, breathe, and know snowboarding.

It’ll be a bracketed layout with 5 judges each picking their favorite video from each matchup. The ultimate winner will be the crew to walk away with the first place prize and keys to the infamousĀ Rome van. Meet the judges and watch for the videos to start dropping Monday, August 5th on

Bjorn Leines
A man who needs no introduction. With an extensive collection of video parts and years of experience, we trust this guy to know a good edit when he sees it.

Laurent-Nicolas Paquin
This dude knows rails. He’ll be checking out the top 8 edits and giving his vote in between skate sessions, drinking beers, and generally having the best summer ever.

Raul Pinto
Co-Owner of one of the most badass core snowboard shops around, Boulders own Satellite Boardshop. Raul is a ripper and has probably watched more sponsor me tapes than he could possibly count. We were stoked to have him along on the latest 12 Months film project in the mountains of Colorado.

Oliver Dixon-CiderĀ (don’t say it out loud, mom)
Originally from Michigan, but don’t hold that against him. He’s taken his love of snowboarding and cats out west, where he is a practicing member of the Cats of Anarchy at Bear Mountain. He also judges aspiring videographers and riders regularly as the voice of Yobeat’s Rejected Edits.

Theo Muse
Rome’s resident filmer, photographer, and editor. He’s been known to do a tailblock or two in a tiger suit as well. Theo has been the main person in charge of crafting each 12 Months film for your viewing enjoyment.

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