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Catching Up With Will Lavigne

Photo: Oli Gagnon


Where are you now and what have you been doing lately?

I’ve been home for the past two weeks where I’ve been skating a lot and organizing my new place. I just moved to downtown Quebec City. I’m in the ghetto kinda but the place I got is pretty sick and the location is really good too because I’m close to restaurants, parks, people… I can skate to the skatepark in two minutes or I can cruise my bike along the river that is next to my place and go around town. We also rented a place in town close by where we have a mini ramp built. We can go skate anytime but we mainly go when it rains or at night. That’s where I hang with Laurent, skate and drink beers.


What were you doing before the move? You were out at Mammoth for WCI – how was that? What’d you think of the contest and the vibe out there? Looked pretty fun.

Mammoth is always fun, especially at the end of the season like this when it’s warm. I thought the concept for the WCI was cool. It was all good riders that could have won, there was no way to predict who would, though with 16 riders playing a game of snow on a down bar and a kink rail. After the weekend I headed towards the coast and spent the week along the beach at a friends house. We surfed and skated a bunch, visited a few people and I called it a trip and went back home. A few days after I got back I broke / dislocated my wrist riding the bowl at the park… had surgery and stuff…


Damn dude that definitely puts a damper on summer activities. What are you doing to pass the time?

Now I’m in a cast for a few weeks. Not too painful, just annoying. It’s my right hand and I’m a righty…it makes it hard to do some stuff, you should try to eat with chop sticks with you left hand and just try to wipe your butt…not easy. The doctor said I shouldn’t put pressure on my wrist for a while so I can’t even bike. I’ve been running a bunch and I still roll my skateboard here and there, I go in the bowl and just stay in the inside and roll around. The doc said I can drink so I’ve done quite a bit of that. Being right in town and next to everything, there’s always people coming by my place to hang or to drag me out to do something. I sometimes go over to Greg’s place to play around with the footage from the season, Hayden was here last week and everyone went through their footage and decided what will go in the movie or not. Things are going forward with that and we’re now talking about premieres, we should know more about that in the next weeks.

Any other summer plans in the works?

I don’t know, I go day by day. I’d like to go surf at some point but I’ll have to wait until the end of July for my wrist to be better. I enjoy being home right now so I’ll stay around here for a moment then I’ll see. Maybe ride COC or Hood if my wrist gets fine on time but right now, I’m chillin’.

What are you looking forward to most about the upcoming season? Deja vu stuff, trips, riding with homies, etc?

It is pretty early to talk about next season but we had talks about what we could possibly do with Deja Vu. Some cool stuff has been talked about but we’ll get done with this first movie and we’ll see after. I’m definitely looking forward to go on a few trips, I’d like to go explore some new zones we found last year and others that we’ve heard of. I’m more of a day by day person, I don’t plan much.


What’s on your current summer time music playlist?

I’ve been researching music a lot lately trying to find a song for my video part. I’m getting sick of it, I found so many good bands and songs but it’s hard to find the right one. Honestly, I’ve been listening to different radio channels on Songza or I try random bands on I liked the last Kendrick Lamar album and I’ll never get bored of the old french rap. I just just got the last Daft Punk album few minutes ago, I’ll see how that sounds. Tonight I’m going to see Wu-Tang downtown in Quebec City and Wiz Khalifa opens the show, should be siiickkkkkk!

What’s the deal with the sleep war photos you guys have been posting on Instagram?

When I first started to travel with the Deja Vu crew in 2006 while we filmed Bandwagon, we’d get hotel rooms where we’d sleep six, seven, or even eight people in one room. Rooms where small and people would sleep anywhere they could. This winter on one of the first trip we did, Alex unfolded a couch in the kitchen but the bed wouldn’t totally fit. He laid in it and we started joking saying that the room is too small with too many people and that’s the only way things can work. We laughed a bunch and from there we took the most ridiculous photos and posted them on Instagram for fun. During that trip, there was half of the crew in Quebec city and the other half in Sweden. So we would battle each other on who can find the most ridiculous spot to sleep and it went from there. Laurent killed it.


Keep an eye out on the Deja Vu Facebook and Instagram for more updates from Will and the crew during the filming of the new movie.

Main Photo: Oli Gagnon via
Other photos: Will’s Instagram, Deja Vu Instagram

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