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Checking in with Marie Hucal


Words: Marie Hucal
Photos: Marie Hucal and Kevin Castanheira

I’m sending over a few photos to recap the short tribute to snurfing and camping trip we took to the Muskegon dunes on Lake Michigan. We set out towards Hoffmaster State Park which is home to one of the original hills that Sherman Poppen, creator of the snurfer, took some of the first snurfer runs on. As a tribute, we felt as though the purest way to connect modern snowboarding with original Snurfing, was to go to some of the first favorite snurfing locations.

March in Michigan is unpredictable, and although there wasn’t much snow left on the dunes, the five of us (myself, Kevin Castanheira, Erik Zimmerman, Tommy Young and Derek Street) had an incredible time finding some ultimate lines overlooking Lake Michigan. In just a couple miles of dragging our camping gear across the shoreline, we had camp set up in a jiffy and started taking lines until golden hour hit. Sunset on the massive shoreline icebergs was unreal, as well as the clear and silent skies. Underprepared, we were all around the fire cooking chicken noodle soup and our breakfast pancakes, washed down by Bulleit bourbon to stay warm.

The next morning we all woke up and continued boarding for the whole day, running on nothing except three pieces of bacon. A lot of epic moments were captured on film, that we will share soon as a short edit, in hopes to inspire others to get outside. There’s no better way to experience pure Michigan than to spend a day outdoors with old friends snowboarding.

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