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Ask the Rider – Live on Facebook with the 12 Months Crew

The Rome team has been hard at work for the 12 Months film project that we kicked off in the beginning of November.  It’s a monthly film project showing some aspect of snowboarding that we’re stoked on. Different spots, different riders, and different styles in each film.

This month, we’ve been in the streets.

Right now we have Toni Kerkela, Jonah Owen, Ozzy Henning, and Riley Nickerson crammed into small motel rooms somewhere up in “The Great White North”, and we’re going to give them a break from shoveling, pulling bungees, and discussing the philosophy of what truly is “private” property with authorities, to sit down and answer some questions in real-time on the ole’ Facebook.

For 2 hours, this Friday January 18th, hit Toni, Jonah, Ozzy, and Riley up about whatever you’d like.  What are your hours like while you’re filming?  Any advice for someone looking to hit a hand-rail for the first time?  Can you send me Google-map pins of spots you’ve hit? They will say no to the last one for sure, but ask away, and it never hurts to try.

As a bonus we’ll be hooking one lucky question asker up with a 2013 Boneless snowboard!

Just log onto Facebook from your computer or phone, give the Rome SDS Facebook page a like, and leave comments or questions under the photo we will post at 4pm Eastern time.

  • 4-6pm Eastern
  • 3-5pm Central
  • 2-4pm Mountain
  • 1-3pm Pacific

You’ll be able to check the crew out in the 12-Months – Full Film – January in early February!

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