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PreJib Update: Snoqualmie, Brighton, Le Relais


The first weekend of PreJib events went off! At Snoqualmie the sun shined bright and Joe Pope and his crew provided one of the best PreJib courses ever seen. With about 200 riders in attendance, some local pros and everyday shreds called it “the best rail jam we’ve ever seen at Snoqualmie.” Needless to say, the riders were throwing down. A few select riders even received some cold hard cash for putting down some bad ass tricks.  The women’s first place was awarded to Kayla Kobelin, along with Paisley who scored 2nd for the ladies. The men’s 3rd place winner was  Jordan Frager, 2nd place Petey Pierotti and 1stplace grand prize winner Kevin Hanson.

Le Relais also had an amazing park crew which built a great set up for us.  The guys helped out all day with the setup and  all of the kids were super stoked.  There were tons of giveaways for all the riders, and everyone killed it – especially the ladies. The women’s first place was awarded to Ceddo Lessard, with men’s 3rd place winner JP Morin, 2nd place Vince Grandmaison and 1st place grand prize winner Max Desroches.

Last but definitely not least, Brighton Terrain parks welcomed us back for their 9th annual Pre-jib competition, and Brighton’s second rail onslaught for cash money of the year. The day started off with flocks of riders from all walks of life storming the Lower Majestic Park all ready to do battle for a bunch of cash and prizes. The judges definitely had a tough time picking the final winners. The women’s first place was awarded to none other than Sarah Gall, who took her place front and center with men’s 3rd place winner James Fleege, 2nd place Rex Gordon and 1st place grand prize winner Erik Nielsen.


Snoqualmie Winning Edit: Garrett Read

The Rome SDS Presents: The 9th Annual Pre-Jib from Tranny Finders on Vimeo.

Brighton Winning Edit: Connor Brown

Rome Premature Jibulation from Brighton Resort on Vimeo.

Relais Winning Edit:

Rome Premature Jibulation 2012 – Le Relais from Youssef Berrouard on Vimeo.

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