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Shop Girl of the Week: Jenna Hoy


Ok, basics first. What’s your name and where’s your shop?

Hey! I am Jenna Hoy and I work at NOTB Snowboards in Burlington, MA.

What’s your home mountain?

Loon & Killington for sure, both are perfect for pow days or shredding the trails & park with friends.

How long have you been working in the shop?

This is my third year working at the shop.

How’d you get the job?

I got the job by one of the guys who used to work at Ski Haus and he recommended me to Calvin. One day I was randomly buying a longboard at the shop, and I starting talking to the kids who worked there how I loved riding and they told me I should apply and shortly after I got the job.

What makes your shop stand out?

NOTB is filled with great employees who are all one big family. The overall vibe and atmosphere makes it a unique, and fun board shop. I love the environment, even when we are not working, we find ourselves stopping by the shop and hanging out with everyone. Also, we do not bullshit the customers, we are all honest and want our customers to get the best experience and purchase the perfect board for their riding style, regardless of what the price is for the board. I love this job, selling snowboards, making the customer happy and making a lot of great friends at the job is a perfect combo.

What’s the craziest thing a customer’s asked for?

One time a customer came in asking if we could adjust his step ins ( the old school K2 clickers) so they could pop out easier. He assumed they were suppose to come out like ski binders do… He says “when I fall it doesn’t come off.” We all thought this guy was out of his mind.

Favorite Rome product and why?

My favorite board is what I am riding now, the Lo-Fi Rocker with Mountain Pop. The board is super fun riding the pow in Colorado and it rides amazing through the icy New England mountains. I love how I can easily plow through the trees, go off jumps and jib around. Also, the 390 boss is a sick binding…cannot have enough Rome products!

What’s your spirit animal?

A lion.. they are pretty badass.

Tell us a joke?

Skiers can shred harder than boarders.

Any local riders that you or the shop in general are especially stoked on?

Yes, I am stoked to see my friend Alex Cole kill some competitions this year, he has the biggest passion for riding, and definitely has the drive and skills to win even more.

Best pick up line?

“Oh hey, wassup.. you snowboard? I’ll nosepress your box if you lipside my rail…” Famous line from the guys who work at NOTB.

Pow lines or park laps?

Pow lines definitely, even though it’s rare in NE but it is still a blast floating and surfing through the trees. I love the park, but I am terrible at any features.

Favorite shred flick?

Art of Flight, hands down one of the best snowboarding videos I have ever seen. We probably watched it at NOTB everyday last year.

What one thing would you change about snowboarding to make it better?

Nothing at all, everything about snowboarding is amazing.

Describe the perfect day of riding.

Blue bird day in the spring, spending the day with a large crew of friends  going through pow lines & park laps then ending the day with a couple brews at the bar.

Any shout outs?

To all of my friends at both NOTB shops, 9WWP!

Any last words?

Shred or die.

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