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Ask the Rider – Live on Facebook with Jonah Owen

Jonah Owen hasn’t wasted any time since his addition to the Rome pro team. He’s been across the country filming for the new 12-Months project, won some cash after throwing down at a rail jam in Japan, and has visited resorts across the country for their opening days.

Now it’s time to get to know the newest member of the team. For two hours this Friday, November 30th, Jonah will be handed the keys to the Rome Facebook Page to answer any questions you’ve got for him.

Has he ever had to block someone on Instagram?  How close to the 10% rule did you come with that 10 grand from HDHR?  What are your thoughts on current foreign policy? Where’s one place you’ve always wanted to snowboard? These are just some sample questions you could potentially copy and paste, but we encourage you to think of your own.

Since we’re not above bribery, one lucky random commenter will be selected to win a brand new 2013 Butterknife.

Just log onto Facebook from your computer or phone, give the Rome SDS Facebook page a like, and leave comments or questions under the photo we will post at 4pm Eastern time.

  • 4-6pm Eastern
  • 3-5pm Central
  • 2-4pm Mountain
  • 1-3pm Pacific
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