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A Year in #Instagram with @stalesandbech


Stale Sandbech is living the dream. Traveling the world crushing snowboard competitions, taking surf trips, and snapping some hammer photos along the way. Check out some of our favorites and be sure to give him a follow on the ‘gram at @stalesandbech.

Favorite place you visited in the past year?

It is a hard call, but I had a lot of fun in Whistler this summer.

Best spot for taking Instagram photos?

I would say the mountain for sure!

Have you had to unfollow someone on Instagram and why?

Pass… 🙂

What’s your favorite Instagram account to follow?


What filter do you use the most?

Don’t have a favorite filter, just put on what I like at that moment.

Why did you start doing headstands and why do you think people are so hyped on them?

Haha! I don’t really know. I guess I was trying to do a wheel and then it turned into a handstand. And I started doing them at some contests and also taking a few grams. It is a fun thing to do, and see how long you are able to do it. Stoked that people are hyped on it.

What trick are you working on right now?

I guess just getting ready for the contest season, get all my tricks and hopefully be ready. It is going to be an exciting season.

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