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Rusty’s Run: Trip Recap


After several weeks of knowing we were doing this trip from Canada to San Diego we finally started planning for it… the night before we left. Our plan: Make it to Portland and figure it out from there. The ride from Whistler to Portland is about 700km so we knew it was going to take a while. We planned on leaving early in the morning, so I packed my bike, went to bed, and woke up at 6am to meet Rube for breakfast. Rube was still drunk from partying all night so it’s safe to say the trip was off to a good start. We hit the road and 20 minutes later we stopped because Rubes phone was dead. We eventually make the border and Rube realizes he forgot his cell phone charger at our pit stop and the lack of two chargers becomes increasingly annoying for the next 15 days. A good start but slow.

Portland, Oregon was our next stop and our friend Josh Mills took us to Chopsticks for a beer and nightly karaoke. We heard there was an after party for Absinthe’s new movie, so we obviously headed that way to enjoy some adult beverages and ran into Scotty Wittlake, the coolest motherfucker on the planet. I woke up on a hardwood floor at 7am, gathered my dignity and hopped on the bike, headed to the Oregon coast.

We made it to the ocean and it felt like we were making progress. But one look at a map was like a slap in the face with reality. It was cold, really cold and every time we stopped at gas stations the meth heads, bums and crusty ex bikers would scurry from the shadows to chat about our bikes. Making friends with the beach folk was cool but we needed to burn some road so we sent it till the sun went down.

Rube forgot a sleeping bag so we got a hotel and had a full night of sleep. When we woke up in the morning we were intercepted some old bikers staying in the room next to us. After a nice chat about our bikes they tell me to keep my shiny side up and slapped a bag of weed into my hand. Good vibes on the coast.

We continued south and made it into California. Since lane-splitting is legal in that state we take up the whole road and pull down on the throttle. At this point in our trip we’re finally not drunk or hungover for the first time. When we make it to Oakland I call up Pierre Minhondo for a place to crash and since we were eager to see the movie I hint at a sneak peak and he says no. So, we take him out for a couple beers and after returning home a little tipsy I try again but he still rejects the idea.

After passing out disappointed I woke up next to a random cat starring me down and made the decision that it was time to hit the road. As we headed south the ocean air got warmer and we found ourselves stopping periodically to shed layers and take touristy photos. The California coast is beautiful and definitely something everyone should experience and after a couple hours on the scenic ride we rolled up to a college town for the night. We found a pizza joint, ordered some slices, drank beer, and rolled up some of our gift from the bikers a few nights back.

Rube has a friend in Santa Monica, so we headed to her house and I can’t say I was super excited about being a third wheel. However, after picking her up and heading out for dinner, a few drinks later she tells us she used to be a Power Ranger (Yellow); totally rectifying the situation. Two days later we both get kisses and jump back on our bikes with fish tacos on our minds. We found a place in Venice, and while we were there Mel Gibson shows up. Both of us end up being pussies and instead of asking to meet him we snapped a photo of the back of his head. The photo sucks.

Later on we found our friend Andrew and he had surfboards and wetsuits waiting. I fought my way into a size medium and pretended to surf. It was a little more like flailing in the water and the suit was so tight I end up needing help to pull myself out of the death trap. After that day in the water we meet up with our friend Justin at his house and grab a skunk draft beer recommended by a waitress who obviously wasn’t a beer connoisseur. I woke up the next morning in the same bed as Rube and that would be our last night of drinking together. After Rube took off I stayed and surfed for a few days before the premier and end up meeting some awesome new friends.  A whole load of girls wanted to come to the premier and they were lovely. The movie was awesome and I find myself excited to hit the snow again. All night I’m hyped to go snowboarding again and the next morning I woke up realizing I was almost 300km away from home…I still had a long way to go.


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